How much does it cost to wrap a truck?

Thanks to loads of aftermarket products and accessories, customizing a truck is easier than ever. If you want to give your truck a face lift, you may considering switching up the paint color. While painting techniques have improved, a custom paint job is still costly. A popular and often cheaper alternative is vinyl wrapping. Not only is vinyl wrapping generally less expensive than painting but your choices for color and design are endless. If you can create it on a computer, you can have it on your truck.

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  • What Exactly is Automotive Vinyl Wrap?

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  • How much does it cost to wrap a truck?

    • Cost to Wrap a Truck Professionally
    • Cost to Wrap a Truck Yourself (and how to do it)

What Exactly Is Automotive Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wraps are an easy way to change the color of your truck without committing to a new paint job. Wraps do not damage your paint, making them a smart choice if you want to switch things up with a new color or design. However, while they do offer some protection, vinyl wraps shouldn’t be used for the sole purpose of protecting your truck’s paint job. Learn more about the limitations of vinyl wrap on paint protection in the video clip below:

Wraps can cover your entire vehicle, only certain sections, or be featured as large or small decals. Additionally, custom designs stripes, accents or other artistic motifs can be digitally printed on the vinyl wraps, which is cheaper and faster than a custom paint job. You can even apply a decal for a company logo and turn your vehicle in to a mobile billboard. (In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that people get their trucks vinyl wrapped.) The design possibilities with vinyl wraps and decals are only limited by your imagination and budget. Essentially, any image or design that can be uploaded or created on a computer can be printed onto a vinyl wrap.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping a Truck

Benefits include:

  • Cost: Vinyl wraps are generally cheaper than paint jobs.
  • Change to suit your taste: With a heat gun and some patience, you’ll be ready for a new design
  • No harming resale the vehicle’s value: Simply remove the wrap and the truck will look stock again.
  • More Options: One of the best things about vinyl is that virtually any design can be printed on it. Vinyl wraps come in a large array of colors, and custom colors are easy to make. Custom design wraps will cost more than solid colors, but they will still be much cheaper than a custom paint job. There are many different vinyl finishes available, including matte, gloss, chrome, gold, glow-in-the-dark, carbon fiber and brushed steel. You can wrap just your door mirrors, hood, roof, etc. to inexpensively transform the look of your truck — most people can do these simple wraps themselves.
  • Time: Since there’s much less prep work needed than with a paint job, you can have your truck back on the road within just a few days.
  • Longevity: Vinyl wraps are made from a durable material and generally last four to 10 years.
  • Protection: Vinyl will protect your paint from minor blemishes and UV rays — just not stone chips.
  • Easy Maintenance: It’s easy to take care of a vinyl wrapped truck, as you won’t have to wax it to keep the car looking new. Vinyl just needs to be washed with soap and water.

Though you’re probably still wondering, “But exactly how much do truck wraps cost?”

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Truck?

To have a truck professionally wrapped, expect to pay $2,500 to $6,000 for a full wrap. Partial wraps, such as hoods, roofs and fenders, cost roughly $1,000-$3,000. To wrap a truck yourself, expect to pay as little as $800-$3,150 (all included) or $650 to as much as $3,000 just for the vinyl (including plenty of extra for mistakes/learning). The DIY cost varies so much because it depends on the type of vinyl you buy. Chrome is generally the most expensive. Remember: You’ll also likely need to purchase specialty wrapping tools if you don’t have them already and extra vinyl to account for mistakes.

Cost to Wrap a Truck Professionally

  • Cost for a full wrap on a truck: Between $2,500 and $6,000, including professional installation.
  • Cost for a partial wrap on a truck: Between $1,000 and $3,000, including professional installation.

The most important thing to know about vinyl wrapping any type of vehicle is that prices will vary considerably. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the cost. Factors such as make and model of the vehicle, the individual or business who is installing the wrap, the type of finish of the vinyl, the design of the vinyl, and whether you are getting a full or partial wrap will affect the total cost of the job. In general, wrapping a larger vehicle like a truck will cost more than wrapping a car. Most places will say that it can range anywhere between $2,500 and $6,000 to wrap a truck. Keep in mind that this is a loose guideline, and the actual cost will vary according to:

1. The Size of the Truck

One of the biggest factors affecting the cost of vinyl wrapping is the size of your truck. Most vinyl wrap installation specialty shops charge by the vehicle’s square footage. In other words, a larger truck will cost more than a smaller one because there is more space to cover. Further, on top of the additional wrap needed, more labor will be required. When considering labor costs, always remember that wraps are very labor intensive.

2. Full Wrap vs. Partial Wrap

A full wrap will obviously cost more than a partial wrap. A partial wrap will significantly cut down the cost. Typically, partial wraps cover 25% – 75% of a vehicle, so you can expect a partial wrap to cost at least 50% less than a full wrap.

However, a partial wrap can still be quite expensive. A vinyl graphic is less costly than a partial wrap and can still give your truck the flair you’re looking for. They also make effective advertisements for your business. Just like full or partial wraps, vinyl graphics can be fully customized, and any logos or designs you want can be printed onto the vinyl. The best thing about vinyl graphics is that they may cost as little as a few hundred dollars (typically $200 – $600), depending on the complexity of your chosen design and the type of vinyl used.

3. Complexity of the Design

The designs printed on the vinyl will affect the total cost. Solid colors cost much less than designs. Typically, a solid-colored, 60-inch-wide roll that is 25 feet long (which is usually enough to fully wrap a vehicle) will cost $2,500 before labor. Things like logos, stripes and images will increase the cost of the wrap. Some vinyl wrap shops have in-house designers, while others may outsource the process, which can also affect the price. You may save yourself some money by providing the shop with your own custom image, print or logo. Printed wraps cost more because they require an extra layer of laminate to protect the ink, and applying them is much trickier than applying a solid color.

4. The Installer You Choose

If you want your vinyl properly installed, you’ll need to seek out a reputable car wrapping specialist. When choosing a place to install your vinyl, be sure to ask about what brands of vinyl the business uses. You’ll want to select a business that only uses the top brands like 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal or Arlon. Additionally, make sure that the vinyl being used is manufactured specifically for vehicles. It also won’t hurt to choose a car wrapping business that has established a solid reputation in the industry for quality work. Prices for installation will vary between $1,500 – $5,000 — and more for a highly qualified installer.

You can find a certified 3M installer on the 3M website. Avery Dennison also provides a directory of certified installers. A directory of vinyl wrap installers across the United States can be found through The Wrap Society Network. Gatorwraps uses 3M and Avery vinyl, will wrap any type of vehicle, including trucks, and can install in all 50 US states.

5. The Vinyl You Select

When choosing solid-colored vinyl, there are a couple of different types of finish available. The most common types are matte, gloss, carbon fiber and chrome. The prices for vinyl vary greatly by both the finish and the manufacturer. To ensure that your vinyl wrap is of good quality, it’s important to choose a reputable company. The best vinyl on the market usually comes from 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal or Arlon.

It’s important to know the total square footage of your truck before comparing the price of different vinyl finishes. At the smaller end of truck sizes, a two-door, short-bed pickup truck is about 327 square feet. At the opposite end, a large, four-door, long-bed pickup truck is about 450 square feet. If you’re doing pursuing the do-it-yourself route, be sure to check the size of the vinyl roll and calculate how much you’ll need before you place your order. Be sure that the vinyl is made for use on vehicles, as many brands sell different grades of vinyl. All the vinyl listed in the following section is manufactured specifically for vehicle use.

For this article, prices have been gathered from Amazon. The size of the vinyl roll varies across manufacturers, but we will list the price by the square foot, as that is typically how a wrap installer will calculate the price. Please note that the following prices are only for the cost of the vinyl itself and do not include labor costs.

Carbon Fiber




Cost to Wrap a Truck Yourself (And How to Do It)

If you want to vinyl wrap your truck on your own, expect to pay between $650 and $3,000 just for the cost of the wrap. Don’t forget you will also want to factor in the cost of the necessary application tools, extra tools like trim removal tools and extra vinyl to account for mistakes. (There is a learning curve to installing vinyl wrap.) In total, expect to pay between $800-$3,150 (plus pizza and beer for your friends who help).

The best way to learn how to apply vinyl is by watching it being done. Here’s the most helpful video available:

In Summary

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap a truck? The overall cost to wrap a truck will typically cost between $2,500 – $6,000 to have it done professionally, or $800 to $3,150 if you muster the determination to do it yourself. The size of the truck, the finish of the vinyl and the design of the wrap (full or partial, custom or solid colored, etc.) will all factor into the final cost.

Vinyl wrapping is one of the most versatile ways to make your truck stand out, whether on or off road. Not only is it a great way customize your truck, but it is also an effective form of advertising. Although most people will want to get their truck wrapped professionally, the ambitious DIYers will find that installing a vinyl wrap at home is entirely possible.