Hey, everyone!  It’s been forever since I’ve done a blog update!  SO MUCH has happened since May 15th!  Get ready for link overload!


For starters, my global Alexa rank went from 1.8 million to 133,000.  It’s not the best measure of success but watching the numbers drop is addicting!


FQF around the world

I’ve written guest posts (click blog name to read article) on Reach Financial Independence, Budgets Are Sexy, This Is Quarter Life, and Making Sense of Cents. I’ll soon be featured on The Broke and Beautiful Life and Canadian Budget Binder.


3  FQF posts and 1 guest post featured on Rockstar Finance!

1. My Job Is to Make Banks Rich: Here’s How to Avoid our Wrath

2. How to Enjoy Saving Money!

3. How Elon Musk Can Revolutionize Your Finances

4. How and Why to Make Yourself Poor


BONUS!  That last article is one of the 5 Most Popular Articles on Rockstar Finance!  It’s based on clicks, not whether or not people actually enjoyed the article.  Maybe I just have a talent for making snappy headlines. 🙂


Lifehacker feature

And thanks to J. Money for featuring my ‘How and Why to Make Yourself Poor‘ article on Rockstar which in turn got the attention of Lifehacker.  The Lifehacker article it was featured in has over 16,000 views!  And I’m grateful to report my daily average traffic has more than doubled since this happened on July 23rd.


More of me around the internet


And I was doing this silly thing where I kept maps saved to my computer.  A world map and a map of the states.  When I saw a new visitor from a country or state, I would put a pin on the map.  I’m happy to say now it’s taking too much time so I gave it up!  Pretty sure FQF has been read on every continent and every state.  Makes me happy.


I’m also a new weekly contributor over at CNA Finance.


Most popular posts

If you’re new here or are just curious, here are the most popular posts to date (based on comments – in no order)… and of course with a growing blog these numbers are skewed towards newer posts being more ‘popular’.


How I Save 85% of My Income

20 Reasons We Should All Drive Manual Cars

How I Spend $75 Per Month on (Healthy!) Groceries

Why and How to Make Yourself Poor


FinCon 2014

Unfortunately, I won’t be going.  It’s because I’m a loser.  That and I have allocated my time off work (I’m a bank analyst full-time) for helping with my family’s harvest on the farm.  So I won’t be there.  But I hope everyone reports back with great detail!  I WILL go next year.  That’s right.  You now have proof in writing for all the internet to see that I will be going.  So hold me to it!  I’m trying to convince FinCon to host it in Omaha.  Because it’s practically my Homaha.  And Buffett lives there so we could have some fun outings going to his favorite haunts.  That or maybe he would stop by.  You never know!  One time he came by an event at my friend’s school.  He’s so cool.  He even even got on his knee and proposed to my friend!  It was crazy!


To infinity and beyond!

This blog will be around for a long, long time!  It’s still in its infancy.  Heck, I didn’t even submit a sitemap to Google (whoops) until about a week ago!  And I’m still strengthening my coding skills by fixing site design bugs.  But I’ll continue posting at 11:11 AM CST every Tuesday and Thursday!


This personal finance blogging community is simply amazing.  When I started writing this blog back in February, everyone was so nice.  I thought it couldn’t last.  I figured everyone was simply being nice just because I was new.  Kind of like how people are nice to new acquaintances.  But this community is still just as hospitable as when I first came onto the scene.  Honestly, it’s almost surreal how cool/nice/helpful/positive/hard working/motivating (!!!)/encouraging/kind/accepting everyone has been.  If you’re reading this right now, you are one of those people.


I’m finally getting traction from Google… so to everyone reading this blog purely for reasons of learning something new or just hanging out with me… thanks for being here!  If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to message me.  If you have any post topics you’re dying to read about, feel free to send me your suggestions!


I may not have any monetary debt but I’m indebted to all of you for making this blog possible.  Thank you.