How many of your worries are money-related?


Sometimes I can’t help but worry a bit about money. So I wanted to see how my life would look if I was rich and had virtually no need to worry about petty day-to-day expenditures. Basically, “What would my life look like if I had several million dollars?” Why several million dollars? Because that would be enough for me to live happily ever after. But would I really be happy i.e.) few worries?


My Millions of Dollars , No Worries Experiment Goal


The goal is to see if a huge amount of money would actually reduce my stress. Basically, would the money make me happier?




I believe a large amount of wealth will take away a good portion of my worries but I believe my main concerns in life will still remain. Health, family, personal success, friends are all fairly unrelated to money. ย Improving those areas of my life will still result in worries money cannot calm.


The Test


Earlier this month, I ran the experiment. Each time I worry about anything, I categorized the worry:


Non money-related


Now I won’t list out all my worries because A= they are mostly petty first-world problems (…my GoPro stopped working and now I have to update the firmware) and B = this post would be 100,000 words. I simply tallied each worry as it came to me. If I thought about it for more than a few seconds I would mark it down.


I did this all day, every day for a week. I discovered that nearly 40% of my worries were money-related. If I had a few million dollars and the desire to spend a portion of it, those money worries would quickly be swept away. BUT I found that my money-related worries were fleeting at most. Those problems weren’t massive. They could all be solved by throwing a little money at them for the most part… I could keep more up-to-date on my zip program and SD cards so my GoPro firmware updates wouldn’t be such a pain… things like that. The 60% of my non money-related worries took up the time. I worried about those far deeper than the money problems. I counted each worry as ‘1’ when really I needed to weight the worry by how much time I spent agonizing over each of them.


It reminds me of this quote from Jim Carry:

“I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they would know that’s not the answer.”



So my hypothesis is correct. A large amount of cash would take away a good portion of my worries. But many of the larger worries will remain: worries about my health, family, personal success (beyond just making $$), friends, etc. would all remain to some extent with or without money. Does money = happiness? For me, not necessarily. Although it does give happiness a much great chance of winning over worry.


What percentage of your worries are money-related?