10GYM Cancellation Policy Explained

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Short Answer

You’ll need to give 30 days’ notice to cancel your 10GYM membership. Cancellation fees vary by membership type. Basic members will pay a $10 cancellation fee. Preferred members will pay a $79.99 buyout fee to cancel during the first year. After 12 months, preferred members can cancel at any time, free of charge.

10GYM Cancellation Policy

To cancel your 10GYM basic or preferred membership, you’ll need to provide at least 30 days’ notice.

To start the process, talk to a staff member at your local 10GYM. He or she will provide you with a specific email address where you can send your official notice of cancellation. Your membership will expire 30 days after you submit the notice.

We contacted multiple 10GYM locations to confirm this information.

Cancellation Fees

We were told by 10GYM’s customer service department that basic members will pay a cancellation fee equal to one additional month of membership ($10).

Preferred members, who pay for one year of membership upfront, will be subject to a buyout fee of $79.99 when canceling early; preferred members won’t get any of their upfront fees back at the time of cancellation.

As a preferred member, you may decide to wait the full year before canceling to avoid the buyout fee.

10GYM Memberships Costs

You can join 10GYM online or at a location near you. Basic and preferred memberships at 10GYM typically require a $59 application fee. Keep in mind, promotions can reduce this amount to as little as a penny.

Membership at both levels also requires a one-time rate guarantee fee of $49.99 that will be billed 60 days after the date of enrollment.

Preferred members are given access to perks like guest passes, group fitness classes, use of the pool and sauna, and more. Preferred members pay for a full year upfront; membership fees work out to about $22.99 per month.

Once 12 months have passed, you can continue your preferred membership on a month-to-month basis for $22.99 per month and cancel any time free of charge.

Basic members can only access common areas of the gym. A basic membership at 10GYM costs $10 a month.

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