7 Places That Develop 110 Film In Stores or By Mail

Box of Kodak 110 film resting on a wooden table

If you have an old camera lying around, chances are you might have some old film too. 35mm film is familiar to many people, but 110 film is less well known. It was introduced and remained a popular choice for many years, but has since been discontinued.

So what do you do if you come across an old 110 film cartridge or two while cleaning out the attic? Can you still have it developed? Below, we’ll tell you what you need to know about 110 film development.

What Is 110 Film?

110 film is a type of film that was introduced by Kodak in the 1970s and discontinued in 2009. The film cartridges were small and easy to load, which made them a popular alternative to roll film.

Unlike roll film, 110 cartridges don’t have to be attached to the camera in a certain way. 110 film is protected inside the cartridge, which just drops into the back of a camera. This eliminates the risk of opening the back of a camera and accidentally exposing the film, thus ruining it.

How to Identify 110 Film

If you’ve seen film before, it has probably been a 35 mm roll of film. While a roll of film like 35 mm is pretty easily recognizable, 110 film looks a little different. 110 film doesn’t have the usual appearance of a roll of film that has been rewound and is ready for processing. 110 film is housed in a slender cartridge that has what looks like two rolls, or circles, on the end. Chances are that the cartridge will say 110 on it unless it has faded over time.

Options for 110 Film Developing

Developing film doesn’t necessarily mean printing pictures. You can develop, or process, your 110 film and receive negatives or a photo CD back. You can then use the negatives or CD to have photos printed at a later date if you choose. Many photo labs now offer the option of film processing and scanning. This means that your film is processed and then scanned into an online portfolio for you to view and print photos if you choose.

A third option you have is to have your film processed and printed. This means that you receive photo prints from the roll of film. Some places offer a variety of these options and include extras like photo DVDs for additional fees. It’s important to keep in mind that prints larger than 3 x 5 from 110 film often come out grainy and not very good quality. While some stores do offer larger prints, it’s always a good idea to verify with the photo development technician what size prints are recommended for your film.

Where to Develop 110 Film In-Store

You’ll be relieved to know that some stores still have 110 film developing. Below, we’ve compiled the list of stores you should know about. We’ve gathered this information by visiting the stores’ websites and speaking with customer service representatives.

CVS logo


  • Price: CVS doesn’t offer processing only for 110 film, but it does offer processing with prints. CVS can only print 110 film in 4 x 5 inch size.
    • $11.99 for 12 exposures, single prints
    • $12.99 for 24 exposures, single prints
    • $13.99 for 12 exposures, double prints
    • $15.99 for 24 exposures, double prints
  • Negatives returned? Yes, negatives will be returned with the prints.
  • Timeframe: Typical processing time for 110 film is about 3 weeks. After 45 days, CVS will take your order out of their system, so it is important to pick up your order within the pick-up time frame provided when you drop off your film.
  • Additional info: Only some CVS locations process film and not all of the locations who process film accept 110 film. It is best to call your local CVS to ensure they do film processing and will accept your 110 film before you head over there. If they do accept 110 film, they send it out for processing; it isn’t processed in the CVS store.
  • Source: Customer service and the CVS website
  • Find a CVS

Walgreens logo

Walgreens/Duane Reade

  • Price: Walgreens doesn’t offer processing only for 110 film, but it does offer processing and printing together. Your local Walgreens photo representative should be able to provide pricing when you drop off your film, depending on factors such as the number of rolls you have to be developed and the number of prints you would like. Walgreen’s won’t be able to quote prices for you over the phone.
  • Negatives returned? You may opt to receive a photo CD or request to have the negatives returned with your prints.
  • Timeframe: 110 film takes about 3 weeks for processing and printing.
  • Additional info: Only some Walgreens locations — and Duane Reade stores, owned by Walgreens — accept 110 film for processing. It is best to call your local Walgreens or Duane Reade to ensure it will accept your 110 film before you head over there. If it does accept 110 film, it will send the film out for processing; film isn’t processed at Walgreens stores.
  • Source: Customer service, photo representatives at several Walgreen’s stores, and the Walgreens website
  • Find a Walgreens

Where to Develop 110 Film Online

You can also get your 110 film developed by sending it off to a photo lab without physical stores, but operates online. If the in-store options above don’t appeal to you or are inaccessible for some reason, you also have several online options. We’ve spoken with customer service representatives and visited the websites of the places listed below to provide you with the list of online retailers who offer 110 film processing.

The Dark Room logo

The Dark Room

  • Price: Complete pricing information is posted on The Dark Room’s website.
    • For processing without prints:
      • $14 for processing and standard scanning
      • $18 for processing and enhanced scanning
      • $23 for processing and super scanning
    • Print prices vary by the size you get and the quantity you order and may be viewed online:
      • $4 per set of 4 x 5 prints
      • $15 per set of 5 x 7 prints
    • Every order, whether just scanning or including prints, includes access to an online gallery as well as a photo CD
  • Negatives returned? Yes – they will be returned with your order, cut and sleeved
  • Timeframe: Most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days of The Dark Room receiving your film. Depending on where in the U.S. you are located, it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days for your order to reach you once it has shipped.
  • Additional info: You have the option of prepaying online using Paypal or a credit card. Alternately, you can enclose your payment when you send your film via a check, money order, or credit card information.
  • Source: The Dark Room website
  • Find out more about The Dark Room

Fromex logo


  • Price: Fromex’s complete price book is available online
    • Color film is $5.99 for processing only. If you order prints or scans with your film processing, then the processing charge drops to $4.99.
    • Prints are an additional $1.89 per print varying in size from 3 ½ x 5 to 6 x 6
    • Additional items like photos CDs are available for additional charges
    • Black and white film is $5.99 for processing only
    • Prints are an additional $2.19 per print varying in size from 3 ½ x 5 to 5 x 5
  • Negatives returned? Yes. They will be returned, uncut and rolled for orders without prints and cut and sleeved for orders with prints.
  • Timeframe: Most orders are shipped about one week from the time they are mailed to Fromex.
  • Additional Info: In order to send your film for processing, you must complete the Fromex online order form. You may send your film in by printing their free shipping label and mailing your film in a secure bubble envelope.
  • Source: The Fromex website
  • Find out more about Fromex

Old School Photo Lab logo

Old School Photo Lab

  • Price: You can also see prices on the 110 film processing page of Old School Photo Lab’s website

    • Pricing is the same for color film or black and white film
    • $14.00 for processing only
    • $24.00 for processing and scanning with no prints
    • $26 for processing, scanning, and prints (4 x 6 or 5 x 7)
    • Additional options are available at additional charges such as leaving the negatives uncut or including a photo CD or DVD
  • Negatives returned? Yes. Negatives are returned with every order
  • Timeframe: Most orders are processed within 1 to 2 weeks, not counting shipping time to and from the Old School Photo Lab
  • Additional Info: You may place your order on Old School Photo Lab’s website and then mail your film using a prepaid shipping label.
  • Source: The Old School Photo Lab website
  • Find out more about Old School Photo Lab

The Photo Place logo

The Photo Place Inc.

  • Price: You can also find prices on the film developing order form
    • Color film processing only is $8.00 per roll. The Photo Place Inc. does not process black and white 110 film.
    • Prints are available at $1.25 per each 4 x 5 print
    • Shipping charges are $4.00 for 1 to 2 rolls and then increase depending on the number of rolls being developed
  • Negatives returned? Yes.
  • Timeframe: Most orders are processed within one to two business days of receipt of the film
  • Additional Info: To have your 110 film developed, you may print and complete the order form and prepaid shipping label
  • Source: The Photo Place Inc. website
  • Find out more about The Photo Place Inc.

Swan Photo logo

Swan Photo Labs

  • Price: You can also find these prices displayed on their order form
    • Color film processing starts at $14.99 per roll and includes 1 set of 4 x 6 prints.
    • $5.00 for an additional set of prints
    • $13.99 for film processing and a CD with no prints
    • A $3.00 service fee will be charged in the event your film is blank or unprintable.
  • Negatives returned? Yes
  • Timeframe: Film processing and printing are typically completed within one day of receipt of the film.
  • Additional Info: You may print and complete the order form and prepaid shipping label to send in your film. You also have the option of prepaying online if you prefer instead of sending your payment information through the mail.
  • Source: The Swan Photo Labs website and online order form
  • Find out more about Swan Photo Labs

If you have other types of film that you would like to develop, see our articles about developing 35mm film and developing disposable cameras.

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