20 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Career

Do you love your job? Are you studying to be in the right career? We have the list of 20 signs you’ve chosen the right career. Just ask yourself: Would you do your job even if you weren’t being paid? Are you constantly pushing the limits of your job description? Does your work make you smile? If you answered yes, you’re on the right track.

What Do You Do?

Career. I almost don’t like that word. It reminds me of high school when teachers with good intentions would tell me and my classmates: “You need to get good grades so you can get a good career.” A career seems so boring — and permanent.

That’s probably because the typical career consists of a grown man/woman working 40-hour weeks for about 40 years and then dying. That’s a sad road, and one I’m not headed down — and neither are you if you’re reading this blog.

But, if I were to walk up to you and ask you what you do, your answer would describe your primary job that makes up the majority of your income — be that freelance writing, blogging, whatever. (Don’t worry, if you don’t have a “career” yet, this post will still be useful.)

I’ve had my fair share of exposure to different careers. I’ve also read a ton of self-improvement type books that look into the minds of wealthy people who enjoy their work. Then I sought to find a career that would make me happy. This list is how I feel about my work. Can you relate?

20 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Career

1. You would do your job even if you weren’t being paid. Or you’re at least in a field that some people are in just for fun ie: maybe you’re a blogger. Lots of bloggers blog just for fun but if you’re making a career out of it… you’re doing quite alright.

2. You don’t want time to go by quickly at work because you enjoy seeing how much you can accomplish in a day.

3. You love explaining what you do with people — even if it’s over their heads, you can’t help but keep talking.

4. Working more than 40 hours per week excites you rather than angers you.

5. The entire industry interests you, not just your particular role.

6. Mondays are fun — another day to do what you love.

7. You daydream about what your future career growth will look like.

8. You’re really good at what you do — whether you’re talented or have worked hard to develop a skill, you’re good. Suggested Article: 15+ Careers Where Women Outperform Men

9. You get so excited about a current project you find it hard to sleep.

10. Your excitement for the day wakes you up — not an annoying alarm clock.

11. You have stopped dead in your tracks and said quietly in disbelief: “I cannot believe I am getting paid to do this.”

12. You find it hard to outsource tasks because each task is like a baby that you think needs your full attention.

13. You eagerly say “yes” to a project before even knowing exactly how the task will be accomplished.

14. You’re constantly pushing the limits of your job description.

15. You can trick yourself into eating healthy because you’re so busy working you hardly notice the bag of carrots you just demolished with your left hand while somehow typing mostly with your right hand.

16. When you meet someone else who loves the same career, you fantasize about marrying them.

17. When someone asks, “What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” you have no good answer for them.

18. When someone asks what you’ve done lately, you have quantifiable answers for them: 1. I won four new clients, 2. I raised my rate to $70/hour, 3. I hired a VA, etc.

19. Badmouthing the competition has no place on your to-do list; your track record compared with theirs speaks volumes.

20. Your work makes you smile!

In Summary

I’ve been working really long hours lately. Some people appear to feel sorry for me. But why? I believe it’s because most people dislike their chosen career and they must think I am as miserable as they are. But no one should be miserable. Life is way too short to do anything you don’t love. If this list isn’t relatable to you, please find a new career! If you haven’t yet started a career, think of this list when exploring your options.

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  • Most of the signs here are pretty much applicable to me and my current work. I dont mind spending more than 40 hours per week, even without pay due to paper works and deadlines. lols. Thank you so much for posting this article. Really helpful.

  • I have experienced all 20 with my new freelance career 🙂 Except for # 19 — instead of my track record beating theirs, my “competition” are my friends and we help each other!

  • I’ve had a bad work week so I think I may need to take your quiz another time because with the way I feel now I may fail it. 🙁

  • I’ve had that with blogging, and strangely, working at McDonald’s. Corporate jobs not so much.
    And baby carrots instead of real food.. yeah, not happening.

    • Sounds like you had a great manager at McD’s. And no doubt you work with some amazing people while blogging. I think working with great people is enough to guarantee at least 15/20 of the signs.

      Bananas? Avocados?

  • I was thinking that there was no way I would love a career so much that I would do it without pay, but then I remembered that’s exactly how I feel about being a homemaker and homeschooling the kids. It is indeed an awesome feeling to have a career you love. 🙂

  • We’re on the same page today – I’m writing about choosing a career over on FG 🙂 . And I like number 10 on your list a lot. I can’t imagine not being excited about my day.

  • Okay, where the heck do you work and are they hiring?! 😉 Just kidding (sort of)… all jokes aside, I -mostly- like what I do, but the politics of my work can really get on my nerves. I guess that’s part of (almost) every job though! So other than that, my job is pretty cool. But not as cool as yours! 🙂

  • I do feel good about what I do for a living and I wouldn’t trade my current lifestyle of being able to work from almost anywhere. I think with the exception of #16, as I married someone who isn’t in the same line of work but he also enjoys what he does, I am doing pretty good!

    • 19/20, you rock! Honestly! Congrats on having figured out the thing that takes up the largest part of your day!

  • Indeed, that’s one of the things that the wealthy understand! They have good ideas that they’re passionate about, and they would pursue their ideas whether or not it makes them wealthy.

    Be smart about what career you pick. Great post!

    • My 2 second guide to finding the right career:

      Step 1: Start doing something you enjoy

      Step 2: Find someone who will pay you to do it.

      Class dismissed.