Traditionally, the third wedding anniversary gift should be something that is made of leather, signifying the foundations of love in marriage – which, like leather, gets better with time. 3 year anniversary gifts for him actually aren’t too tricky to find. This list gives ten gift ideas he’ll love to receive.

The tradition of giving symbolic gifts on anniversaries goes back to medieval Germany. Couples would be presented with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary. Over time, more anniversaries began to be associated with symbolic gifts. Thus came about the tradition of themed gifts like leather. More contemporary views on the 3 year anniversary gift is to give glass or crystal. But not many guys would appreciate glass or crystal. So choose an amazing gift of leather for your man and may your marriage get better and better each year.

If you’re wondering about what leather themed gift to give your spouse, take a look at the options below. I’ve picked out 17 unique and thoughtful leather gifts for men. One will surely make him happy. Heck, I’m a guy and I’m excited about nearly everything on this list. And you only have to choose one for your man!

1. Leather Watch Band

This is PERFECT if your husband has a watch which looks out of place anywhere but the gym. Giving him a leather watch band is the perfect way to boost his beloved watch’s look. Switching straps is easy for most watches. Filmmaker Casey Neistat made an awesome YouTube video where he shows how to replace the strap of an Apple Watch with a sophisticated, hand-crafted leather wrist band. Even as your partner gets new watches, the band can continue to be used.

Apple Watch Band, Mkeke@ 42mm Iwatch Strap, Premium Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Replacement Watchband with Secure Metal Clasp, Apple Iwatch Band Leather Strap Wrist Band Classic Buckle for Apple Watch & Sport & Edition (L003 42mm Brown)

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2-5. Messenger Bag/Laptop Bag/Backpack/Briefcase

Does your man keep using your purse as his personal carry-all? Now is a great time to get him a leather bag. It’s surprising how often guys can use an everyday bag. He can carry water, facial tissues, hand lotion, snacks, Tylenol… basically everything you always expects you to carry. Talk about a win-win anniversary gift!

Messenger bags are super trendy. Laptop bags are need for men more and more. A backpack? Who doesn’t need a backpack, whether it be for camping or using as a manly diaper bag. If he uses a briefcase for work, get him a nice leather one. Who knows, a quality briefcase may just be the confidence boost he needs to ask for a raise.

Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

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Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Case

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Polare Cool Cowhide Leather Multiple Laptop Backpack Day pack Travel Bag Stachel

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Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase

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6. Leather Toiletries (Dopp) Kit

A genuine leather grooming kit is a great gift for a man who is a frequent traveler. You can choose form a wide range of kits which are durable, stylish and have the right balance of ruggedness and suave style. You can also personalize these kits by adding a short message of love, so that in whichever part of the world he is, this kit will always remind him of you.

Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men - Dopp Kit / Travel Accessories Bag

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7. Leather Gloves

Leather gloves add style, sophistication and purpose to many activities. Does your man enjoy golf? Consider getting him new leather golf gloves? Do his dress clothes need a visual upgrade? Gloves can really tie an outfit together. Many leather gloves, like those shown below, can even be worn while using a touchscreen.

Luxury Men's Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves (Cashmere or Wool Lining)

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8. Leather Luggage

It’s unfortunate that airports treat passengers like cattle. Allow your man to rise above that feeling by piercing the crowds with elegant leather suitcases. Getting him travel bags is also nice because they will remind him of you – even while away on business.

AmeriLeather Leather 2 Pc. Carry-On Set

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9. Belt

Belts can be pretty awesome gifts. You could get him a utility work belt, a casual belt or you could get your man a dress belt. Since this is for an anniversary gift, you could even etch a note on the inside of the belt. You can do this by using a dremel or a pyrography pen. Write a note that reads something like this,

“We can’t always have our arms around each other but hopefully this belt will remind you of what it’s like.”

Carhartt Men's Anvil Leather Belt

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10. Leather Photo Album

We all love storing out photos digitally. But there’s something manly and poetic about having a leather-bound photo album. If you want to be especially awesome, fill the album for him. Include old pictures of he and his family at their lake cabin. Or fill it full of pictures he doesn’t know you’ve taken of he and his friends. Or, since it’s your anniversary, fill it with photos of you two. A leather photo album can be a perfect third-year anniversary gift since most photos we take nowadays go right to the cloud and we never look at them again. Giving him something physical will be a reminder to cherish memories.

Rustic Genuine Leather Photo Album with Gift Box - Scrapbook Style Pages - Holds 60 4x6 or 5x7 Photos

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11. Leather Cooler

You could get an outdoor leather cooler for your man. This can be a great style statement for him when he is hanging out with his friends, camping in the wilderness or chilling with his colleagues. And for a fun surprise, you can pack his favorite drinks and snacks in this cooler when you give it to him. And maybe he’ll get the hint and take you on a picnic.

Vine & Dine Picnic Bag By Juggage - Carry Bag Of Wine or Wine Bottles Along With Your Food - Stylish Canvas Leather Insulated Cooler Bag - Perfect Wine Bag For Wine Enthusiast - Grommet-Reinforced Hole for Boxed Wine Bag

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12. Leather Recliner

Give him the gift of relaxation. A leather recliner is perfect for watching sports, reading books, watching TV with you, taking naps or even spending the night on if his gift to you isn’t as good and you kick him out of the bedroom.

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG Dark Brown Leather Rocker Recliner

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13. New Leather Car Interior

Does your man like cars? Has he been yearning for a car with a nicer interior? Instead of spending thousands on a new car, consider upgrading the interior with a leather one. To do this, you can research to see if his car was offered with a leather interior from the factory. If so, you can buy leather seats online and either install them yourself or have a garage do it. Swapping a cloth interior for leather is a really simple job. But it completely transforms the look of the car. Each time he gets into his car, he’ll think of you. For a cheaper alternative, you can get leather car seat covers:

FH-PU002115 Classic Exquisite Leather Car Seat Covers, Airbag compatible and Split Bench, Gray / Black color

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14. Shaving Strop

Is your man a shaving aficionado? Then perhaps he’d like a fancy shaving strop. A strop is basically a leather belt on which you sharpen your straight blade razor for shaving. Think Sweeney Todd but with (hopefully) less blood.

15-16. Leather Dress Shoes or Work boots

One amazing thing about leather is it’s extremely versatile. It looks good whether at a fancy dinner or a construction site. Which type of shoe do you think your partner would prefer? Fancy dress shoes or tough work boots? Get whichever would find most appealing.

Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

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Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Soft-Toe Boot

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17. Leather Desk Tray

Here’s a sneaky way of keeping your man better organized while also giving him a handsome gift. A leather desk tray can be used for storing things like car keys in a convenient location on the top of the desk. The one below includes the quote printed in the leather: “Love is the beauty of the soul.” by Saint Augustine.


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18. Baseball Glove

Is your man loves baseball, consider getting him a new glove. But make sure he’s not weirdly in love with his current glove. If this is the case, stand down and choose another gift. He made be in love with a certain glove because it’s the glove her won a certain game with. Or keep in mind that leather does get better with age. It takes many hours for a glove to ‘feel right’ for a baseball player. So although your husband may appreciate a baseball glove for an anniversary gift, he may be happy with his current setup.

Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

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19-21. Wallet or Phone/Tablet Case, Cover

An iPhone may not be timeless, but needing to protect a physical electronic device will be needed for decades. A wallet may seem boring but it’s a fantastic year 3 anniversary gift for him. If he still uses a wallet, considering upgrading it. One thing to note is that carrying a wallet in his back pocket is bad for his back. Thus, you could get him a slim front wallet.

Pabojoe Leather Wallet Extra Capacity Tri-fold Center Flip ID Window-13 More Porkets

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iPhone 6S Case, Verus [Layered Dandy][Brown] - [Card Slot][Flip][Slim Fit][Wallet] - For Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S 4.7" Devices

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Genuine Vintage Leather Handmade Case for Apple Ipad Mini 2 3 4 5 Air Cover Handbag Stand Luxury Credit Cards Slots

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Along the similar vein would be a phone case or tablet screen cover. Leather offer grip, style, sophistication and even a little impact protection if dropped. Leather is made from cow skin remember, it’s tough stuff.

22. Leather Jacket

Whether this anniversary gift be for casual or dress, a leather jacket is admired by most every man. This is a gift that can be with him for decades. Pick his favorite timeless style:

  • Motocross
  • Fatigue
  • Bomber
  • Dress

Read this guide for choosing a leather jacket. It describes styles, types of leather, colors, etc. It will help you pick the perfect leather jacket for your love.

Exemplar Men's Lambskin Leather jacket KL717 Black

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23. A Leather Bound Book

Not all men are only into football and beer. Is your lover an avid reader? Then he might appreciation a leather bound book. Perhaps you could track down a first edition of his favorite novel. Or maybe his favorite book came out with a leather cover for just a few select years and you know he’ll appreciate owning a rare leather copy.

Jules Verne (Leather-bound Classics) Hardcover – October 30, 2012

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What will you get for a 3 year anniversary gift for him?

The possibilities are endless for the third anniversary. Just make sure that whatever gift you choose, you add your own unique touch to it to make the gift mean a lot more than yet another present for him.

And of course, Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

For the 4 year anniversary gift, the traditional gift is fruit/flowers. The contemporary gift is appliances. Consider getting him a BBQ grill!