23 Traditional Three-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him (On Amazon)

Flatlay of assorted leather gifts for a third-year anniversary

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Traditionally, the third wedding anniversary gift should be something made of leather, signifying the foundations of love in marriage — which, like leather, gets better with time.

This makes three-year anniversary gifts for him pretty easy to find. Think leather briefcase, leather gloves, a leather recliner or armchair, or leather dress shoes or work boots.

These are gifts that don’t just look nice but will stand the test of time.

Contemporary tradition suggests the three-year anniversary gift should be made of glass or crystal; however, if your husband won’t appreciate those things, choose a unique and thoughtful leather gift from our suggestions below.

Leather Watchband

This is a perfect gift if your husband has a watch that looks out of place anywhere but the gym. Giving him a leather watchband is a perfect way to boost his beloved watch’s look.

For most watch styles, switching straps is easy. If your partner gets a new watch, he can continue to use the band.

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Messenger Bag/Laptop Bag/Backpack/Briefcase

Does your man keep using your purse as his personal carry-all? Now is a great time to get him a leather bag.

It’s surprising how often guys can use an everyday bag.

He can carry water, facial tissues, hand lotion, snacks, Tylenol — everything he always expects you to carry. Talk about a win-win anniversary gift!

Messenger bags are trendy. Laptop bags are pretty necessary.

And a backpack? Who doesn’t need a backpack — it can be used for camping or even as a manly diaper bag.

If he uses a briefcase for work, get him a nice leather one.

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Leather Toiletries (Dopp) Kit

A genuine leather grooming kit is a great gift for a frequent traveler.

You can choose from a wide range of durable, stylish kits with the right balance of ruggedness and suave style.

You can also personalize these kits by adding a short message of love, so no matter where he is, this kit will always remind him of you.

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Leather Gloves

Leather gloves add style, sophistication, and purpose.

Does your man enjoy golf? Consider getting him leather golf gloves.

Do his dress clothes need a visual upgrade? Gloves can really tie an outfit together.

Many leather gloves can even be worn while using a touchscreen!

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Leather Luggage

Getting him an elegant leather suitcase is nice because it will remind him of you — even when he’s away on business.

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You could get him a utility work belt, a casual belt, or a dress belt.

Since this is for an anniversary gift, you could even etch a note on the inside of the belt. You can do this by using a Dremel or a pyrography pen.

Write a note that reads something like this:

“We can’t always have our arms around each other but hopefully this belt will remind you of what it’s like.”

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Leather Photo Album

While most photos are now stored digitally, there’s something poetic about having a leather-bound photo album.

You can even fill the album for him. Include old pictures or new pictures and space for memories to come.

A leather photo album can be the perfect third-year anniversary gift since most photos we take nowadays go right to the cloud and never get looked at again.

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Leather Cooler

Try getting a leather cooler for your man. This can be a great style statement for him when he is hanging out with his friends, camping in the wilderness, or chilling with his colleagues.

And, for a fun surprise, you can pack his favorite drinks and snacks in the cooler before you give it to him.

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Leather Recliner/Armchair

Give him the gift of relaxation. A leather recliner is perfect for watching sports, reading books, watching TV, taking naps, or even spending the night on if his gift to you isn’t as good as this one.

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Leather Car Interior

Does your man like cars? Has he been yearning for a car with a nicer interior?

Instead of spending thousands on a new car, consider upgrading the interior to leather.

To do this, research to see if his car was offered with a leather interior from the factory. If so, you can buy leather seats online and either install them yourself or have a garage do it.

Swapping a cloth interior for leather is a simple job, and it completely transforms the look of the car.

For a cheaper alternative, you can get leather car seat covers.

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Shaving Strop

A shaving strop is basically a leather belt on which you sharpen your straight blade razor for shaving.

Think “Sweeney Todd” but with (hopefully) less blood.

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Leather Dress Shoes or Work Boots

One amazing thing about leather is it’s incredibly versatile. It looks good at a fancy dinner or on a construction site.

Which type of shoe do you think your partner would prefer: fancy dress shoes or tough work boots?

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Leather Desk Tray

Here’s a sneaky way to help your man get organized while also giving him a handsome gift.

A leather desk tray can be used for storing things like car keys.

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Baseball Glove

If your man loves baseball, consider getting him a new glove — that is, if he isn’t already in love with his old glove.

Keep in mind that leather does get better with age, and it takes many hours for a glove to “feel right.”

So, although your husband may appreciate a new glove for an anniversary gift, he may wait to use it until his old one gives out.

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Wallet or Phone/Tablet Case, Cover

An iPhone or iPad may not be timeless, but it will forever need protection, like a stylish leather case.

And while a wallet may seem like a boring gift, it’s a fantastic reason to upgrade him from something Velcro to something leather.

One thing to note: Carrying a wallet in your back pocket is bad for your back, so try a slim front wallet instead.

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Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is admired by almost every man. This is a gift he can wear for decades, so you’ll want to pick his favorite timeless style:

  • Motocross
  • Fatigue
  • Flight
  • Dress

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A Leather-Bound Book

Not all men are into football and beer.

Is your lover an avid reader? Then he might appreciate a leather-bound book.

Perhaps you could track down a first edition copy of his favorite novel. Or maybe his favorite book came out with a leather cover for a few select years.

He’ll appreciate owning a rare leather copy.

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