750 Gold Prices Explained (for Necklaces, Rings, etc)

750 gold chains

Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of gold jewelry? While browsing cases of fine jewelry at your favorite retailer, you may have come across gold jewelry with the number ‘750’ stamped on it. Or perhaps you’re valuing a piece you or a loved one owns. What does this stamp mean, and what’s its value? Below, we explain what you need to know about 750 gold, including its value.

What is 750 Gold?

The number ‘750’ stamped on a piece of gold indicates that the piece is 18K gold. The gold manufacturer may simply choose to use the number ‘750’ over ’18K’. In both cases, the gold in question is considered to have 750 parts per 1,000 of pure gold — or 75% pure gold. The only gold with higher parts gold than 18K gold is 24K gold — the purest of all golds produced, at 1,000 parts pure gold (or close to it).

According to the World Gold Council, a piece of gold marked ’18K’ or ‘750’ means that the piece is made of about 75% gold and about 25% metal alloys, which give the gold its strength, durability and, in some cases, its color. Yellow gold jewelry usually contains a certain percentage of copper and fine silver, while white gold contains alloys such as nickel or palladium. Rose gold is created by adding copper and silver metal to yellow gold metal, creating a reddish or pinkish finish.

750 Gold Prices

Trying to pinpoint an exact value for 750 gold jewelry pieces can be tricky because the price of gold constantly fluctuates. There is, however, a simple formula you can use to come up with an estimated value.

Step 1: Find real-time gold prices for 18K gold, per gram, on the Gold Price Network website. The current price of 18K gold is about $30 per gram. The price varies but never too drastically (unless you plan on buying or selling a large quantity of 750 gold, then it a slight variation in price may matter but for small items, it won’t matter too much.

Step 2: Using a jewelry scale (about $10) or similar, weigh the 18K gold piece and multiply this number by the current per-gram price.

Price Factors

There are a number of additional factors that must be considered when buying 750 gold. In other words, there are several variables beyond the price-per-gram that come into play when determining the exact value of a piece of gold jewelry.

  • Brand prestige/retailer markup. Retailers want their piece of the pie, so they mark up the gold pieces for retail sale (as much as 200-300%). Expect to pay even higher prices for certain pieces of jewelry made for prestigious brands, such as Cartier and Chopard.
  • Style appeal. Jewelry styles considered more appealing to buyers cost more. And yes, the beauty of a piece is subjective, but sellers can choose to raise prices for popular styles that sell well.
  • Gemstones. Gemstones add beauty and luxury to gold jewelry and boost costs based on stone type, clarity, cut, and color.
  • Condition. Gold in pristine condition is naturally more valuable.
  • Collectibility. Jewelry that has historic significance often grows in value over time. Think of Rolex watches or Tiffany rings.

Average Prices per Item at Retail

While keeping in mind that a number of factors may influence the price you’ll pay for 750 gold at your neighborhood jewelry store, we have compiled a list of prices for 750 gold pieces at retail:


  • Average Weight: 2 – 14 grams
  • Average Cost: $250 – $1,000+


  • Average Weight: 1/2 – 3 grams
  • Average Cost: $80 – $300+


  • Average Weight: 2 – 18 grams
  • Average Cost: $250 – $1,200+


  • Average Weight: 1 – 7 grams
  • Average Cost: $180 – $1,000+

If you are interested in selling your gold jewelry, see our list of legitimate stores that buy gold.

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