925 Stamp on Jewelry That’s Gold: Value of Necklaces, Rings, and More

What’s that 925 stamp on jewelry mean? It often appears on gold jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. So you may assume it has something to do with how much gold the piece of jewelry contains. But you may be surprised to learn that 925 gold is not actual gold jewelry. In this article, we’ll explain what gold jewelry with a 925 stamp really is and how much it’s worth.

What the 925 Stamp on Jewelry Means

Some people assume that gold jewelry stamped with 925 is 92.5% gold. However, the 925 stamp is not actually used for gold jewelry. Instead, it is a common hallmark for sterling silver — specifically, jewelry that is 92.5% silver.

Gold-appearing jewelry stamped with 925 is typically gold-plated sterling silver. The most common 925 gold jewelry is gold vermeil, which is sterling silver plated with gold that’s at least 10 karats and 2.5 microns in thickness.

The 925 hallmark is not used for white gold (Suggested article: How to Determine the Value of Your White Gold), which may be silver in appearance and uses the standard gold karat hallmarks (8K to 24K). It’s also not used for platinum jewelry, which will include PLAT or PT with the hallmark numbers. If your jewelry is stamped with 925, it’s most likely sterling silver.

The Value of “Gold” Stamped 925

Sterling silver, or 925 silver, is typically valued in one of two ways:

  1. The scrap cost of sterling silver (the price per ounce that jewelry stores, pawn shops, and other precious metals will buy silver items)
  2. The retail value of silver items such as jewelry, tableware, musical instruments, and other items containing or using primarily silver

For 2018, the average scrap price of silver was $15.81 per ounce, though the silver market fluctuates daily. The highest price for sterling silver in 2018 was $17.62 per ounce, while the lowest price was $14 per ounce. You can find more information about historic silver scrap prices in our article detailing the value of 925 silver, or can check the current spot price at JM Bullion.

What “Gold” Stamped 925 Is Worth

The retail prices for 925 silver jewelry items can vary according to a number of factors, such as the size, weight, and design of the piece, as well as the inclusion of gems or other precious materials. Here’s a look at the average retail prices for gold-plated sterling silver jewelry, or gold vermeil.

Necklaces and chains

  • Average weight: 3-20 grams
  • Average price: $7-$50, although some pieces with gemstones can cost several hundred dollars
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  • Average weight: 2-15 grams
  • Average price: $10-$70, with some retailing at $200 and up depending on additional ornamentation
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  • Average weight: 2-10 grams
  • Average price: $10-$100, with some retailing at $200 and up depending on additional ornamentation
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  • Average weight: 1-5 grams
  • Average price: $13-$70, although some pieces with gemstones may cost several hundred
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In Summary

Gold jewelry stamped with 925 is typically sterling silver jewelry with gold plating, most commonly known as gold vermeil. While 925 gold jewelry is not worth as much as pure gold jewelry, it still has value because of the underlying sterling silver. You can often sell gold-plated sterling silver or gold vermeil jewelry, either as used jewelry or as scrap metal.

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