Acme Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy: Prices, Process Detailed

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Short Answer

Acme Markets rents out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for about $35 for a 24-hour rental period and $45 for a 48-hour rental period. Carpet cleaners come in one size. Attachment rentals and cleaning solutions are available for an additional fee.

Acme Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

Regional grocery store chain Acme Markets rents out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners.

We contacted Acme Markets in Delaware, Maryland, and New York, and consulted the Rug Doctor website to find out about the Acme carpet cleaner rental policy. All of the stores we called have Rug Doctor machines available for rent.


Rug Doctor carpet cleaners are available at Acme Markets in one size, the Pro Deep Cleaner, and cost about $35 for a 24-hour rental period and $45 for a 48-hour rental period. Acme does not rent out steam cleaners.

Attachments, such as hoses and other tools for cleaning upholstery, are available for an additional fee of about $6 per day per attachment.

Cleaning Solution

To properly use the machine, you’ll need to purchase a cleaning solution. Acme Markets sells carpet cleaning solutions ranging in price from about $10 to $20. You can also purchase a cleaning solution elsewhere.

Where to Rent

Carpet cleaners can be rented from the customer service desk. Typical service desk hours at Acme Markets are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

You’ll need to show a valid photo ID and you must pay for the rental and any attachments upfront. No deposit is required.

Accepted payment methods include cash, credit, and debit.

Keep in mind, if you return the machine early, you will not receive a refund or discount; however, if you keep the machine longer than your rental period, you will be charged an additional day’s rental fee ($35).

Cleaning fees will also be assessed if you return the machine without wiping it down and emptying the tank; the fee amount varies by store location.


If the carpet cleaner is not working properly, you can visit Rug Doctor’s rental troubleshooting page. Alternately, you can return the machine to the store where you rented it and exchange it for another one.

If the carpet cleaner is lost or stolen while it’s in your possession, you will need to contact Rug Doctor directly. Rug Doctor will issue a report to its loss prevention team, which will contact you about a possible replacement fee. Loss reports are handled on a case-by-case basis.

More Information

See our related research for information on Albertsons’ carpet cleaner rental policy. You can also rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners from Kroger, Publix, and Safeway (as previously reported).

To compare all of your options, see our report on the cost to rent a carpet cleaner at each store.


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