Airbnb Military & Veteran Discount Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Airbnb doesn’t offer a military or veteran discount. However, individual hosts may offer discounts at their discretion.

Airbnb Military Discount Policy

Airbnb doesn’t offer a companywide military or veteran discount that applies to all listings.[1]

However, it does allow individual hosts to offer discounts for active-duty service members and/or veterans at their properties. Hosts are responsible for setting their own prices and promotions.[2]

Finding Discounts

Airbnb’s property search doesn’t allow you to filter the results to properties that offer military discounts.[3]

Occasionally, a host might mention a discount in their listing title or description,[4] but based on our research this isn’t common.

If you’re unable to find any listings that mention military rates, the best way to determine whether you can get a discount on your booking is to contact the host directly.[1] The host will usually respond within 24 hours.[5]

Note that promotions aren’t available for all listings; Plus listings, Luxe listings, hotels, listings with less than three previous bookings, and listings in the United Kingdom, Australia, and China can’t offer custom promotions at the time of writing.[6]

Additionally, it’s entirely up to the host whether they’re willing to offer a discount. If they’ve already set their rates competitively, they may not be willing to reduce the price further.

Discount Process

If you’re able to find a host that offers a military discount, they can either send a special offer to your inbox[7] or create a custom promotion on their booking calendar.[8]

If the host adds the promotion to their calendar, you’ll follow the normal booking process.

If the host sends you an offer, you’ll receive a message with the total price for your stay (with extra fees like cleaning, taxes, service fees, and security deposits listed separately).

You’ll have 24 hours to accept the offer and confirm your reservation.[9]

Before extending an offer or at check-in, the host may ask to see proof of service, such as your DD Form 214, active military ID, or veteran ID card. This will depend on the host’s individual policy.

More Information

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