Amazing Lash Studio Cancellation Policy: Rules and Fees Detailed

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Short Answer

Amazing Lash Studio membership cancellation requires written notice, but there is no cancellation fee. To cancel an appointment at Amazing Lash Studio with no fee, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment. For more details of the Amazing Lash Studio cancellation policies for memberships and appointments, see below.

Amazing Lash Studio Membership Cancellation Policy

The Amazing Lash Studio membership cancellation policy varies by franchise location. We contacted the Amazing Lash Studio corporate office and were told that members who wish to change or cancel a membership need to contact their home studio.

To find out more, we contacted several Amazing Lash Studios across the U.S. and found that all require written notice of cancellation. Once the studio receives your written notice and cancels your membership, Amazing Lash Studio will no longer charge you for the membership, and none of the offices we contacted charge a cancellation fee.

Cancellation Process

Amazing Lash Studio honors memberships at all of the company’s locations in the U.S., but to cancel a membership, you will need to contact the original studio where you initiated your membership.

As noted above, you will need to give notice of your cancellation in writing; the studio will provide a form for you to use. Some studios require you to visit in person to complete the membership cancellation form, while others will send you the form if you call or email and ask for it.

The time requirement for cancellation varies from 48 hours to 30 days before your next billing cycle, depending on the location. If you do not meet the time requirement, Amazing Lash Studio will not charge a cancellation fee, but it will charge membership dues for one final month.

Alternatives to Cancellation

One of the studios we contacted told us that its members are allowed to freeze their memberships for up to two months if they do not want to cancel permanently.

Amazing Lash Studio also offers members the option to transfer membership from one location to another. To transfer your membership to a different Amazing Lash Studio location, you will need to complete the membership transfer request form. Your membership must be active and in good standing to transfer. There is no fee to transfer a membership unless the membership is not active.

Amazing Lash Studio Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Amazing Lash Studio appointment cancellation policy is the same for all locations. We contacted studios in Virginia, Texas, Illinois, California, Iowa, and Connecticut, and we were told that if you cancel or move an appointment at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel or move an appointment within 24 hours of the original time, you will pay a fee equal to 50% of the scheduled service. No-show appointments are subject to a fee equal to the full cost of the scheduled service.

You don’t need an Amazing Lash Studio membership to make an appointment. The membership allows you access to reduced rates on services and retail products; membership options include once-monthly or twice-monthly lash refill packages. Members will still need to provide 24 hours’ notice of an appointment cancellation to avoid the fee.


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