AMC Theatres Student Discount Policy Explained (+ Other Ways to Save)

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Is there an AMC Theatres student discount? About 50% of AMC Theatres locations offer student discounts. Where available, discount amounts, restrictions, and availability vary by location. There are also other ways to save at AMC Theatres, including through its movie rewards program. For more details, see below.

AMC Student Discount Policy

AMC Theatres give students a discount at some locations — but not all, AMC customer service representatives said. AMC locations set their own discount policies, so discount amounts and restrictions may vary by location. To learn more about AMC student discounts, we contacted several of the movie theater chain’s locations and found the following student discount policies in place:

  • Discounted student tickets for movies showing after 4 p.m.
  • Discounted tickets for students on Thursdays
  • A 15% discount for students on any movie ticket

Note: Some of the AMC locations we contacted did not offer a discount for students; about half said they do, offering students of the three discount types listed above.

You can contact your nearest AMC to find out if it offers a student discount and what the terms and restrictions are. Students should bring a school ID to their local box off to receive a student discount, where available. In general, student discounts are only available on tickets — not concessions or other merchandise.

If your local AMC doesn’t offer a student discount, other ways to save at the box office include:

  • AMC Stubs: AMC Stubs is a movie rewards and discount program. The Insider level is free to join and you can get $5 snack combos on Tuesdays, free large popcorn refills, and discounted movie tickets.
  • Military discount: Active-duty military, veterans, and reservists can receive discounts of at least 10% on evening tickets at most box office locations. You must show a valid military ID.

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