American Express Business Checking: Account Availability Explained

American Express is primarily a credit card company and does not offer traditional checking accounts, either personal or business. For more about American Express, see below.

Is There an American Express Business Checking Account?

American Express primarily focuses on credit cards and does not offer business checking accounts — or any other types of checking accounts, American Express corporate customer service representatives said. There is an American Express online savings account program for high-yield or CD savings accounts, but these accounts don’t come with debit cards or paper checks and can’t be used for business purposes.

If you’re a sole proprietor, you might want to look into a checking account from Ally Bank, Charles Schwab, or Discover. For the list of business checking accounts worth considering, see this article. We also cover what you need to know about getting a business credit card with your EIN only.

In Summary

American Express does not offer traditional checking accounts for personal or business use.