What types of checks can be cashed at an Amscot location? Are there limits to the check amount that Amscot will cash? What other financial services does Amscot offer? (Hint: Quite a few!) In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the policies, limits, fees, and requirements for cashing a check at an Amscot location.

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Amscot Check Cashing Policy

  • Type of checks cashed: Personal checks, insurance checks, computer and handwritten payroll checks, cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, out-of-state and international checks, government checks, and money orders.
  • Identification required: Must provide a current government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID, passport, or a state-issued identification card.
    • According to the Amscot I.D. Verification page, you may also be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, social security number or alien identification number, occupation, and transaction details.
  • Maximum amount? There is no daily or weekly limit on the number of checks or cash amount that you’re able to cash at Amscot.
  • Fees:  Minimum of $3.00 but fees vary based on the type of check you are cashing and the amount. For example, tax refund checks only carry a 2.5% fee to cash, but personal checks and money orders carry a 9.9% fee.
  • Find your nearest Amscot Check Cashing location.

What Additional Services Does Amscot Offer?

Besides check cashing, Amscot also offers other services, including

  • Cash advances/ loans — costs vary
  • Copies — $0.25
  • Envelope — $0.10
  • Faxes — $3.00+
  • In-store ATMs — costs vary
  • Notary — $10.00
  • Money orders — no purchase fees
  • Western Union money transfers — costs vary
  • Prepaid Amscot MasterCards — costs vary

Keep in mind that these offerings may vary among individual locations, with smaller locations not having the ability to provide all services. If you’re looking for a specific service, call ahead before you make a trip to the store.

Other Stores That Cash Checks

While Amscot has plenty of locations, there may not be one near where you live or work. Here’s a list of other well-known, wide-spread stores that cash checks.

Remember: Each of these places requires that you provide a valid government-issued photo ID (like a driver’s license, passport, military ID, state ID, etc.) to cash a check.

1. 7-Eleven

  • Important note: Check cashing services are only available at 7-Eleven locations with a V-Com/Cardtronics ATM or kiosk.
  • Types of checks cashed: Payroll, cashiers, income tax refund, government, insurance settlement checks, and money orders.
  • Fees: 1% of total check amount, with a $200 limit per 24 hours.
  • Source: 7-Eleven financial services information 
  • Learn more in our article: 7-Eleven Check Cashing FAQ: Limit, Fees, Check Types, Etc.
  • Find your closest 7-Eleven.

2. ACE Cash Express

3. Fred Meyer

4. Kmart

  • Types of checks cashed: Payroll, tax refund, and government checks up to $2,000, as well as two-party personal checks up to $500.
  • Fees: $1 or less. No fee in CT, DE, GA, NJ, NV, PA, PR, SC, WA, and GU. $0.50 fees in IL and RI.
  • Source: Kmart check-cashing policy
  • Find your closest Kmart.

5. Walmart

  • Types of checks cashed: Payroll, tax checks, government checks, cashier’s checks, insurance settlement checks, retirement reimbursement checks, and MoneyGram orders that were purchased at Walmart up to $5,000. No personal checks accepted.
  • Fees: $3 for checks up to $1,000, and $6 for checks from $1,001 to $5,000.
  • Source: Walmart check-cashing policy
  • Learn more in our article: Walmart Check Cashing Policy: Hours, Limit, Fees, and More
  • Find your closest Walmart.

6. WinCo

  • Types of checks cashed: Payroll checks only, with a maximum amount of $1,000.
  • Fees: $5 for checks of $500 or lower. $10 for checks between $500-$1,000. You can redeem the fees when you spend $25-$50 at WinCo.
  • Source: WinCo FAQs.
  • Find your closest WinCo.

For even more places that cash checks, see our other articles: Check Cashing ATM and Kiosk Locations Local to Most (Walmart, Etc.) and 8 Check Cashing Places that Cash Personal Checks, Likely Near You

In Summary

Amscot is a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs ranging from cashing a check to buying a money order to notarizing a document. Amscot cashes more than ten different types of checks and doesn’t set any limits on the number of checks or monetary amount you can cash. However, Amscot’s fees for check cashing to vary greatly, reaching as high as 9.9% for personal checks and money orders. So, if Amscot’s financial services don’t meet your needs, there are many other stores that offer check cashing.