Anytime Fitness Family Memberships: Costs, Contracts, etc Detailed

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Short Answer: Most Anytime Fitness gyms offer family discounts on individual membership fees or allow you to add family members to your gym contract at a reduced rate. The discounted rates vary by location but generally range from $5 to $15 off of the monthly dues.

Anytime Fitness Family Memberships

Anytime Fitness gyms are independently owned and operated; membership prices, family plans, and contract lengths depend on your location’s policies, a corporate customer service representative said.

Though membership rates and fees vary from gym to gym, the average cost of an individual Anytime Fitness monthly membership fee is about $37. With family discounts, you can save anywhere from about $5 to $15 on your membership dues.

To confirm the commonly available family discounts, we contacted Anytime Fitness locations in California, Virginia, Texas, Nebraska, Florida, and Indiana.

Common Discounts

All but one of the Anytime Fitness gyms that we contacted offer discounts when members of the same household join together.

Some locations allow family members to sign up on the same contract (using “add-ons”), while others require family members to sign up for individual membership contracts.

Local gym management has discretion in granting family discounts, so it’s best to check with your local gym to see what discounts are offered.

Common examples include:

  • Variable discounts depending on the number of people: A location may reduce monthly dues for each family member that signs up. For example, one location we contacted offers individual memberships for $45 and reduces the monthly dues by $5 for each family member. Under this system, the second person’s membership would cost $40, the third person’s would cost, $35, and so on.
  • Discounted family contracts: A location may offer a discounted rate per-person when family members each sign a contract. For example, a gym charging $55 for individual memberships told us that month-to-month family memberships are available for $49 per person (a $6 savings), while 12-month family contracts are $39 per person (a $16 savings).
  • Waived enrollment fees: Some Anytime Fitness gyms do not offer family discounts, but will instead waive the enrollment fee when family members sign up for individual memberships at the same time.

Contract Terms

Most Anytime Fitness gyms offer 12-month, 24-month, and month-to-month memberships. The available contract terms are the same regardless of whether you receive a family discount.

All of the Anytime Fitness locations we contacted offer 12-month and 24-month contracts, in addition to month-to-month memberships. Contracts of different terms may be available at management’s discretion; some also offer six-month and 18-month memberships.

Note that most Anytime Fitness gyms charge on a monthly basis, but some charge on a biweekly basis.

Additional Fees

In addition to your monthly membership dues, keep in mind that Anytime Fitness also charges the following fees:

  • Enrollment: One-time fee of $55 to $99 when you join; may be waived or reduced depending on your location’s promotions
  • Key fob: One-time fee of $25 to $150 when you join; may be reduced depending on current promotions at your local gym
  • Enhancement: Annual fee of around $20 at some locations due to facility improvements or new services
  • Cancellation: Varies by location and membership plan; may be $0, half of the remaining amount of your contract, or a set fee amount. Cancellation typically requires 14 to 30 days’ notice, and your gym may waive fees if you have a medical reason for canceling or are moving.

Alternatives to Anytime Fitness

Looking for less expensive options, or want to compare a few gyms before deciding what’s best for your family? See our list of gyms with family memberships.


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