Are There Other Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime? Answered

Short Answer: Aside from Dave, the similar cash advance app Cleo is also compatible with Chime. Other cash advance apps like Brigit, Earnin, and Empower won’t work with Chime accounts. For more details about which apps are and aren’t compatible with Chime, see below.

Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime

Dave and Cleo are both apps that allow users to link their Chime account to access features like cash advances. The Dave and Cleo apps are available for iOS and Android,[1][2] and they are the only cash advance apps that are compatible with Chime at the time of writing.

You can compare Dave and Cleo’s services, requirements, and fees in the following table. Click each company name to find more information on the company’s website. (Note: While Cleo is London-based, the app is also available in the U.S.)

App Cash Advance Policy Other Features Requirements Fees
Dave Receive up to $100 with no fee, no interest, and no credit check Get paid two days early, track spending, build credit history through rent reporting, and access fee-free MoneyPass ATMs Dave membership and a bank account $1 per month; no cash advance fee
Cleo Receive a paycheck advance up to $100 with a Cleo Plus account Free basic budgeting features Cleo Plus account and bank account About $6 per month; $3.99 same-day cash advance fee (waived if you can wait four days)

Some additional payment apps, including DailyPay,[3] Even,[4] PayActiv,[5] and Tapcheck[6] allow early access to paychecks and may be compatible with Chime. However, these are employer-sponsored programs, meaning you can only use them if your employer partners with them to offer them as an employee benefit. They are not apps that anyone can download and use independently, so we’ve excluded them from our list.

Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Work With Chime

In the course of our research, we found that the following cash advance apps like Dave are compatible with most traditional banks and accounts, but they are not compatible with Chime:

  • Branch[7]
  • Brigit[8]
  • Earnin[9]
  • Empower[10]
  • MoneyLion (Note: MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus is compatible with Chime, but offers installment loans rather than features like Dave.)[11][12]
  • Possible[13]
  12. MoneyLion customer service 888-659-8244[]