Are Dogs Allowed in CVS? Answered

Short Answer: CVS’ corporate pet policy only allows service animals inside its stores. However, during our research, we found that some CVS stores allow customers with dogs if the animal is contained or on a leash. CVS drive-thru pharmacy locations are an option for those who can’t bring their dog or pet inside their local store. For more on CVS’ dog policy and pet policy, see below.

Are Dogs Allowed in CVS?

CVS does not allow dogs or pets — except for service animals, a corporate customer service representative said. We were told that CVS store associates are instructed to approach customers entering with a dog or pet to find out if the animal is a service animal. CVS relies on its customers to answer honestly. Service animals are not required to wear a harness or vest and you won’t be asked to provide identification or certification, the representative said.

We contacted CVS locations in Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin to confirm this information. About half of the stores we called follow the corporate pet policy as explained above. Some stores (about 25% of the stores we contacted) allow dogs and pets that are small and contained in a purse or carrier, while others (the remaining 25% percent of the stores we contacted) allow dogs in stores as long as the animal is kept on a leash. Service animals do not necessarily need to be on a leash if the leash would interfere with the animal’s work.

If your local CVS doesn’t allow pets, you may want to visit a CVS drive-thru pharmacy to pick up your prescription. The CVS store locator offers “drive-thru pharmacy” as a search filter option.

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