Are UPS Trucks Manual or Automatic? Answered (+ Truck Types Detailed)

Are UPS trucks manual or automatic? The answer is both — some UPS delivery trucks are automatic and some are manual. But, if you’re looking to apply as a driver, you’ll likely need to be able to drive a stick shift. We have the details below.

Are UPS Trucks Manual or Automatic?

You’ve seen the big, brown United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery trucks. But, did you know that UPS uses three different types of vehicles for its global package delivery service? UPS utilizes semi trucks, box trucks, and vans. The following list includes the transmission type and driver requirements for each vehicle, as confirmed by customer service representatives at three different UPS facilities:

  • Semi trucks: Manual transmission; a commercial driver’s license is required (as previously reported)
  • Box trucks: Both manual and automatic, depending on the facility; a basic Class D license is required and you must be able to drive a stick shift to be hired as a delivery driver (Need to teach yourself how to drive a manual transmission car? Follow our step-by-step guide.)
  • Vans: Automatic transmission; a basic Class D license is required and you must be willing and able to drive a stick-shift box truck, as delivery vans are only used occasionally.

For current job openings for UPS drivers, see the UPS jobs website. Keep in mind, package handler jobs and seasonal “driver helper” jobs do not require experience driving manual transmission vehicles.

In Summary

If you’re interested in working for UPS as a delivery driver, you will likely need to know how to drive a stick shift. UPS’ box truck fleet includes both standard (manual) and automatic vehicles. And UPS semi trucks are manual and require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Wondering: Does UPS offers CDL training? See our article for details. And, check out the list of companies that offer to pay for CDL training.

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