Are UPS Trucks Manual or Automatic? Answered (+ Truck Types Detailed)

A UPS delivery truck parked in front of a building.

Short Answer

UPS has both manual and automatic trucks in its fleet — its semitrucks are manual, its vans are automatic, and its box trucks can have either type of transmission. However, if you’re looking to apply to be a driver, you’ll likely need to be able to drive a stick shift no matter which vehicle you’ll be driving.

Are UPS Trucks Manual or Automatic?

UPS uses three different types of vehicles for its global package delivery service — semitrucks, box trucks, and vans.

The following list explains the transmission type and driver requirements for each vehicle, as confirmed by customer service representatives at three different UPS facilities:

  • Freight/semitrucks: Manual transmission; a commercial driver’s license is required
  • Box trucks: Both manual and automatic, depending on the facility; a basic Class D license is required, and you must be able to drive a stick shift to be hired as a delivery driver
  • Vans: Automatic transmission; a basic Class D license is required. and you must be willing and able to drive a stick-shift box truck, as delivery vans are only used occasionally.

How to Become a UPS Driver

As mentioned above, to drive a UPS van or box truck, you are only required to have a Class D license — this is the basic license most drivers get.

However, to be hired as a driver, customer service representatives told us that you will need to prove that you can drive a manual transmission (even if you only end up driving vans and trucks with automatic transmissions while on the job).

You will also need to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, including a drug test, to drive any vehicle for UPS.

To be a UPS semitruck driver, there are a few more requirements. You will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you will need to pass a UPS road test, and you may be required to have endorsements for pulling Hazmat and double trailers.

For current job openings for UPS drivers, see the UPS jobs website. Keep in mind, package handler jobs and seasonal “driver helper” jobs do not require experience driving manual transmission vehicles.

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