Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay? Answered

AutoZone does take Apple Pay at some stores but not for online purchases. Cash, debit cards, and credit cards are also accepted forms of payment at AutoZone. For more information on using Apple Pay at AutoZone, see below.

Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay?

AutoZone takes Apple Pay at some locations, representatives from stores in several states confirm. While a representative from the corporate office told us that AutoZone does not accept Apple Pay, store associates in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri said that they do take Apple Pay in-store.

Many AutoZone stores confirm that they can process Apple Pay at their registers. Once you have enabled the Apple Pay app on your phone, you can complete transactions can by holding your phone near the contactless card reader at the register.

AutoZone only accepts Apple Pay at some store locations; you cannot use Apple Pay to shop on AutoZone’s website. Additional payment methods accepted online and in-store include credit and debit cards. Additionally, cash can always be used in stores, and AutoZone accepts PayPal for online payments.

Although the stores we called do accept Apple Pay, availability may vary by location. It is best to contact the AutoZone near you for the most current information regarding its capability to process Apple Pay.

In Summary

While AutoZone’s corporate office told us it does not accept Apple Pay, many AutoZone stores told us they do take Apple Pay as a form of in-store payment. Call your local store for the most up-to-date information. For information on using Apple Pay for other automotive purchases, see our list of gas stations that accept Apple Pay.