Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes? Answered (+ Where Else to Go)

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AutoZone does not offer oil change services at any of its store locations, AutoZone’s customer service representatives told us.

However, if you contact AutoZone’s customer service line at (800) 288-6966 and provide your ZIP code, a representative can recommend a place nearby where you can get your oil changed.

AutoZone also has a number of resources to help you change the oil in your car yourself. On its website, AutoZone provides a basic overview of how to change your oil, including a checklist of the necessary supplies.

AutoZone’s website also has a Repair Help section with detailed instructions on how to change your oil and do other basic repairs. To access these repair guides, you’ll need to register for a free My Zone membership.

Alternatively, you can visit an AutoZone store and talk to an associate for DIY oil change tips.

AutoZone sells oil that you can use to change your car’s oil yourself — for oil change specials, see AutoZone’s featured deals.

Places That Do Oil Changes

Proper maintenance can help your car last longer (as previously reported). Regular oil changes are an important part of maintaining your car.

We have the list of national chains that offer full-service oil changes, along with their estimated prices. Note that pricing may vary depending on your vehicle and the type of oil it needs.


  • Services: Oil change, transmission services, repair services
  • Pricing: Around $30 to $90
  • Find a location


Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

  • Services: Oil change, tire service, repair service
  • Pricing: Typically between $30 and $70, including an inspection and tire rotation
  • Find a location


  • Services: Oil change, tire services, repair services
  • Pricing: Around $23 to $70; discounts are available when you make an appointment online
  • Find a location

Jiffy Lube

  • Services: Oil change, engine services, tire service
  • Pricing: Around $30 to $110; Jiffy Lube regularly offers oil change coupons. You may also be able to save by bringing your own oil (as previously reported).
  • Find a location


  • Services: Oil change, tire service
  • Pricing: Starting at around $35
  • Find a location


  • Services: Oil change, repair services, tire service
  • Pricing: Around $35 to $70
  • Find a location


  • Services: Oil change, transmission services
  • Pricing: Starting at around $25, but prices vary depending on the type of oil you choose; Valvoline regularly offers oil change coupons
  • Find a location

Walmart Auto Care Center

  • Services: Oil change, tire service
  • Pricing: Starting at around $20
  • Find a location

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