Average Credit Scores for Americans & by Age Group Explained

Credit report resting on desk with pen, glasses, and calculator

The average credit score of U.S. consumers is about 706, according to the most recent study by FICO (the leading credit data analysis company in the U.S.) in 2019.[1] FICO has been calculating the average credit score annually since 2005. From 2005 until 2016, the average score was under 700; however, in 2017, it broke 700 and has continued to tick upward by several points each year.[1]

Below, we have more information about average credit ratings and scores by age group. See our related research for a full explanation of what your credit rating and score mean for your finances.

Average Credit Ratings by Age Group

Using data from its U.S. customers, Chase Bank compiled the average credit ratings by age group and found the following:[2]

Age Group Percentage With Poor Credit Percentage With Very Good or Excellent Credit
Under 30 38% 2% (over 800)
30 to 39 41% 29% (over 720)
40 to 49 34% 39% (over 720)
50 to 59 25% 49% (over 800)
Over 60 12% 70% (over 800)

Note that these estimated ranges capture both FICO Score and VantageScore ratings, which do not always match. In general, a credit score of about 800 or more is excellent, about 700 to 800 is very good, the mid-to-high 600s are good, the upper 500s to lower 600s are fair, and scores below the mid-500s are considered poor.

Average Credit Scores by Age Group

Experian conducted a study similar to Chase Bank, which lists actual credit score numbers rather than tiers and reflects the average for each age group. Individuals of each age may be above or below the average in their age group based on their individual circumstances, such as on-time bill payments or taking on too much debt.[3]

Age Group Average Score
23 to 29 660
30 to 39 672
40 to 49 683
50 to 59 703
60 to 69 733
70 to 79 754
80 to 89 757
90 to 99 753

If your rating isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, our research explains how to improve your credit score.


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