Average Jimmy John’s Delivery Time: How Fast is Jimmy John’s Delivery?

What’s the average Jimmy John’s delivery time? How fast is Jimmy John’s delivery? Jimmy John’s, a chain of gourmet sandwich shops, is known for “Freaky Fast” delivery, but exactly how fast is “Freaky Fast”? Some Jimmy John’s restaurants in major metropolitan areas can deliver in four minutes or less, but delivery typically takes between five and 20 minutes. Find out more about Jimmy John’s average delivery times below.

Average Jimmy John’s Delivery Time

How “Freaky Fast” is Jimmy John’s delivery? The average delivery time for Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwiches is anywhere from five minutes to 20 minutes, depending on traffic and order volume. But delivery can take up to 30 minutes during peak hours, corporate customer service representatives and three Jimmy John’s store associates confirmed. Is there a Jimmy John’s time limit? No. There is no “If you don’t get your sandwich in 15 minutes or less it’s free!” type policy at Jimmy John’s.

In some major metropolitan areas and near large college campuses, Jimmy John’s can often deliver in four minutes or less. Not all stores are capable of delivering that fast, depending on the location’s delivery radius. Jimmy John’s delivery times are not guaranteed (as previously reported), but if your order has taken longer than 30 minutes, customer service representatives recommended that you call the store directly.

In Summary

Just how fast is Jimmy John’s delivery? Jimmy John’s “Freaky Fast” delivery times range from five minutes to 20 minutes during non-peak hours. Some locations can deliver within four minutes or less, but delivery times are not guaranteed with a Jimmy John’s time limit, despite popular belief.