Curious to know how you rank among your peers? This is the best net worth calculator I found online.

When I first started this blog, I wanted a “whoa” factor. I wanted the blog to stand out. I needed to illustrate how I was different from other people my age. I made a lot of money growing up and I saved most of it, so I figured my net worth had to be higher than other people my age. I wanted to be able to say, “I’m in the top ‘X’ percent of my age group.” Everyone would have a reaction to that. Especially after all the news about the “one percenters.”

In my curiosity, I looked up this extremely boring study that the Federal Reserve compiled. I can’t believe I interviewed for a position there. In retrospect, I would have been bored sick. Funny enough, when I was driving up to the Federal Reserve in Kansas City, there were a bunch of people marching. This was during the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were protesting the one percenters.

By reading through that study, you can determine your net worth by age. But the study is dull and it’s now getting on in years. Recently, a reader emailed me and asked how he could determine where his net worth lies in comparison to his classmates. (He’s a competitive person, no doubt.) When I was drafting an email back to him, I started to cite the Federal Reserve study. But then I thought: “This is so boring. I really can’t recommend other people spend a Saturday afternoon reading it like I did.”

So, I scoured the internet in search of better resources. Below are my findings.

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The Shnugi Net Worth Percentile Calculator

net worth by age calculator

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This is the best net worth calculator I found online. The creator of this tool actually uses the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances as a database of information. (That’s the “meaty” part of the Federal Reserve article I linked above.)

With this simple, yet powerful, tool you can see how you stack up against people in a set age range or just people your exact age.

Average Annual Income by Age Group in the U.S.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the average annual income rates by age group in the U.S.

  • Ages 18-22: $13,000
  • Ages 23-27: $31,000
  • Ages 28-32: $44,000
  • Ages 37-41: $57,000
  • Ages 42-46: $61,000
  • Ages 47-51: $65,000
  • Ages 52-56: $58,000
  • Ages 57-61: $60,000
  • Ages 62-66: $51,000

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Being Average

I bet, if you’re curious about how your net worth stacks up, your desire is to get in front of the pack. If that’s the case, finding the median net worth for your age group won’t help you much. That’s because there are a lot of poor people and not a lot of rich people. This skews the median quite a bit. For example, let’s think about your (fictitious) friend group and estimate each person’s net worth:

  • Carl: -$2,000
  • Jim: $6,000
  • Kim: $14,000
  • Suze: $71,000
  • Mark: $890,000

The median net worth of your friends listed above is $14,000. By examining the lives of those around you, you’ll probably feel content with where you’re at and realize you’re doing better than most. But it doesn’t take much to beat the median because there are a lot of people bringing that number down. What you should really be examining is Mark. What did Mark do to get so much money?

Global Perspective: Comparing Your Net Worth Worldwide

If you’re looking to feel good about yourself, check out the Global Rich List. This calculator doesn’t care about age, just where you live and how much you make. It’s crazy to see how you stack up against everyone else on the planet. I would be surprised if there’s anyone reading this who isn’t at least better off than 70% of the planet. My net worth puts me in the top 10% and I just turned 25! If you need a reminder about how lucky we all are, check out this site.

global rich list

In Summary

Curious minds want to know how they stack up against their peers. One way to do that is by using a net worth calculator tied to your age group to see how well you stack up. Be aware that just looking at the median income levels of your peers might not give you the right perspective when thinking through your goals because there are a lot of people bringing that number down. To really boost your ego, try plugging your information into the Global Rich List. Talk about a humbling number.