Bank of America Temporary Checks: Availability Detailed

Exterior of a Bank of America branch

Bank of America doesn’t offer temporary checks to account holders or walk-ins. We contacted multiple Bank of America branches, Bank of America’s check-order department, and the corporate customer service department to confirm this information.

There are two alternatives to temporary checks at Bank of America: purchasing a cashier’s check at a branch or ordering a book of checks.

Cashier’s Checks

Bank of America account holders can visit a local branch and ask for a cashier’s check, which the teller can print immediately.

As previously reported, Bank of America charges a $15 fee per cashier’s check. However, the bank will waive the fee if you are a member of the Preferred Rewards program.[1]

Ordering Checks

If your need for a check isn’t urgent and you have a Bank of America account, you can order your checks from Harland Clarke, the third-party check provider for Bank of America.

If you are not a Bank of America account holder, you can order checks from your bank or from a third-party check provider using your bank account and routing numbers.

How to Order

To order checks online, log in to Bank of America’s website and select your checking account. Select the “Information & Services” tab, then choose the “Order check/deposit tickets” link to the right.

As previously reported, you can also order checks through the Bank of America mobile app or by phone.[2]

Shipping Options

Harland Clarke offers multiple shipping options for check orders.

The following schedule and price scale applies to a standard order of 100 checks:

  • Non-Trackable Standard (seven to 10 business days): Free
  • Non-Trackable First Class (approximately one week): About $9
  • Trackable CheckProtect (approximately one week): About $11
  • Trackable 2-Day: About $35
  • Trackable Overnight PM: About $43
  • Trackable Overnight AM: About $46

Note that the above shipping times are approximate, and prices are subject to change.


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