11 Banks That Offer Overdraft Lines of Credit

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If you overdraft your bank account, having an overdraft line of credit can help you save on fees and manage your account responsibly.

An overdraft line of credit is a revolving line of credit that automatically transfers funds into your checking account if it becomes overdrawn.

Not all banks offer overdraft lines of credit. Some provide other forms of overdraft protection, such as denying transactions that would overdraw your account or transferring funds from a savings account.

Below, we list the major banks and credit unions that offer overdraft lines of credit.

Comparison Table

Use the table below to compare the overdraft line of credit policies at each of the banks on our list.

Note that you can sort the table using the arrows at the top of each column and select the bank name to find more details in our list.

Bank/Credit Union Coverage Limit Fees
Alliant Credit UnionVariable $3 per transfer
Bank of AmericaVariable No transfer fees, but you'll pay interest on what you borrow
ChimeVariable (starting at $20) None
CitibankVariable No transfer fees; APR about 17% to 20%
Citizens BankVariable $12 per day transfer fee, $30 annual fee, and APR around 21%
Huntington Bank$100 to $1,000 1% monthly interest unless you set up automatic repayment
Fifth Third BankUp to 10% of your liquid assets for unsecured credit lines; 50% to 100% of your collateral for secured credit lines Variable
PenFed Credit UnionVariable (starting at $300) No transfer fees; APR around 18%
PNC Bank$1,000 to $25,000 No transfer fees; variable APR
Truist$100 to $1,000 $5 per $100 borrowed
U.S. BankVariable Up to $12.50 per transfer; APR around 22%
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The List

Alliant Credit Union logo

Alliant Credit Union

  • Coverage program: Overdraft Protection with a linked Line of Credit[1]
  • Coverage limit: Varies depending on the details of your line of credit[2]
  • Fees: $3 for each overdraft transfer;[3] you can avoid this fee by using an Alliant Savings or Supplemental Savings Account instead of a Line of Credit.[1]
  • Requirements:
    • Must opt into overdraft protection
    • Must have an Alliant checking account and Line of Credit
    • Note that overdraft protection doesn’t apply to ATM transactions.[4]
  • Repayment: You can pay off the amount you borrow immediately or in installments.[2]
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Bank of America logo

Bank of America

  • Coverage program: Balance Connect, which allows you to link up to five backup accounts to your checking account[5]
  • Coverage limit: Varies depending on your qualifications and line of credit agreement[6]
  • Fees: No transfer fees, but you’ll pay interest on the amount you borrow from your line of credit[5]
  • Requirements:
    • Not available for SafeBalance Banking accounts[5]
  • Repayment: Monthy payments with the option to make additional payments and pay off the total amount early[6]
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Chime logo


  • Coverage program: SpotMe[7]
  • Coverage limit: Starts at $20 but varies depending on several risk-based factors, including your account history, direct deposit amounts, and spending activity[7][8]
  • Fees: None, but note that if you withdraw your SpotMe funds from an out-of-network ATM, you may pay ATM fees.[7][8]
  • Requirements:
    • Must be 18 or older
    • Must have an active Chime Visa Debit Card
    • Must have the Chime app
    • Must have received at least one qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more in the past 34 days
    • Your Chime account must be in good standing.[7][8]
  • Repayment: Automatic when you next deposit funds to your account or receive a direct deposit[7]
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Citibank logo


  • Coverage program: Checking Plus line of credit[9]
  • Coverage limit: Varies depending on your Checking Plus agreement[10]
  • Fees: No annual or transaction fees;[10] APR of about 17% to 20%[9]
  • Requirements:
    • Must have an annual income of at least $10,500
    • Must have an eligible Citibank checking account funded with at least $1 within 21 days of application[9]
  • Repayment: The minimum payment amount will automatically deduct from your linked checking account each month[9]
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Citizens Bank logo

Citizens Bank

  • Coverage program: Overdraft Line of Credit[11]
  • Coverage limit: Varies depending on your Line of Credit limit; there’s no limit to the number of overdraft plan transfers you can make from your credit line.[12][13]
  • Fees: $30 annual fee, APR around 21%, and $12 per day transfer fee; Citizens Bank will waive the transfer fee if all transfers on that day are for $5 or less[11]
  • Requirements:
    • Must have an eligible Citizens Bank personal checking account
    • Must be approved for an overdraft line of credit[11]
  • Repayment: Installment payments[12]
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Huntington Bank Logo

Huntington Bank

  • Coverage program: Standby Cash[14]
  • Coverage limit: $100 to $1,000; varies based on your account history[14]
  • Fees: 1% monthly interest; waived if you set up automatic repayment[14]
  • Requirements:
    • Must be 18 or older
    • Must have a Social Security number or tax ID
    • Must have a Huntington checking account with at least three consecutive months of $750 minimum in deposits
    • Must have an average daily balance of $200 or more in your checking account over the past 30 days
    • Must not have a history of extended overdrafts lasting more than 24 hours
    • Must be enrolled in online banking
    • Must not have an active or recent bankruptcy[15]
  • Repayment: Monthly payments over three months, or you can pay off the total amount early[15]
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Fifth Third Bank logo

Fifth Third Bank

  • Coverage program: Secured or Unsecured Line of Credit[16][17]
  • Coverage limit: Up to 10% of your verified liquid assets for unsecured credit lines and 50% to 100% of the collateral amount for secured credit lines[16]
  • Fees: Vary by account; you can find your fee amount in your account’s fee schedule.[17]
  • Requirements:
    • Must opt into Overdraft Protection and link your line of credit to your checking account
    • Must have sufficient credit available to cover the overdraft item(s) and transfer fee[17]
  • Repayment: Monthly payments[18]
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PenFed Credit Union logo

PenFed Credit Union

  • Coverage program: Overdraft Line of Credit[19][20]
  • Coverage limit: Subject to credit approval; starts at $300[19][20]
  • Fees: No fee to access your line of credit, but the APR is around 18%[19][20]
  • Requirements:
    • Must have a PenFed Free Checking or Access America Checking Account
    • Must apply and qualify for an Overdraft Line of Credit
    • Must wait three business days to use your Overdraft Credit Line after opening[19][20]
  • Repayment: You can repay the amount you borrow, plus any interest it accrues, in one lump sum or several monthly installments.[21]
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PNC Bank logo

PNC Bank

  • Coverage program: PNC Line of Credit[22]
  • Coverage limit: Subject to credit approval;[22] credit lines range from $1,000 to $25,000[23]
  • Fees: No fees for overdraft protection transfers;[24]  variable APR based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate[23]
  • Requirements:
    • Must opt into overdraft protection
    • Must have an account eligible to link to your checking account to cover overdrafts
    • Not available for Reserve and Growth accounts[22]
  • Repayment: Monthly payments or you can prepay with no additional fees or penalties[23]
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Truist One Checking

Truist (formerly BB&T/SunTrust Bank)

  • Coverage program: Truist Ready Now Loan[25]
  • Coverage limit: $100 to $1,000[25]
  • Fees: $5 origination fee per $100 you borrow[25]
  • Requirements:
    • Must have a valid Social Security number and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
    • Must have a Truist personal checking account that’s been open for at least six months
    • Must have had a positive balance at the end of the previous business day
    • Must have paid off any previous Ready Now loans at least 30 days ago[25]
  • Repayment: Fixed monthly payments with the option to repay the loan early[25]
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US Bank logo

U.S. Bank

  • Coverage program: Reserve Line of Credit[26]
  • Coverage limit: Varies based on your account history and creditworthiness[27]
  • Fees: Up to $12.50 per overdraft[28] and an APR around 22%[26]
  • Requirements:
    • Must link your U.S. Bank Reserve Line of Credit with your checking account
    • Must opt into overdraft protection[28]
  • Repayment: You can repay your entire balance in full at any time. You also have the option to make monthly payments of 1% of your balance, $25, or your total remaining balance — whichever is greater.[27]
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Banks That Don’t Offer Overdraft Lines of Credit

In the course of our research, we found that the following banks don’t offer lines of credit designed to cover overdrafts specifically.

Note that these banks offer other overdraft protection options, such as transfers from a savings account. Find out more in our list of banks with no overdraft fees.

  • Ally[29]
  • Capital One[30] (Note: Overdraft lines of credit opened before May 15, 2020, are still valid, but Capital One no longer offers new overdraft lines of credit.[30])
  • Chase[31][32]
  • Chime[8]
  • Discover[33]
  • SoFi Bank[34]
  • TD Bank[35]
  • Wells Fargo[36]
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