Barnes & Noble Student Discount Policy Explained

While Barnes & Noble does not offer a student discount, you can save up to 40% by joining its membership program. For details, see below.

Barnes & Noble Student Discount Policy

Barnes & Noble does not offer a student discount, a corporate customer service representative said. We contacted Barnes & Noble store locations in Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington to confirm this information.

For places that do offer student discounts, see our list of 100+ places with student discounts.

For savings opportunities when time you shop at Barnes & Noble, you might want to join the B&N Membership program. For $25 a year, members get 40% off bestselling hardcovers and 10% off nearly all other purchases. There are also exclusive members-only deals and coupons, including free express shipping on online Barnes & Noble orders.

Did you know that Barnes & Noble sells textbooks online? (Textbooks are not sold in stores.) The membership discount is not available on textbook purchases, but you can still get free express shipping if you’re a member.

Barnes & Noble also has bookstores on college campuses. Membership discounts cannot be applied at Barnes & Noble College locations, as they operate separately. We confirmed this by calling campus stores in Michigan, Texas, and West Virginia.

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