Bath Bomb Business Names: Creative Ideas for Your Company Name

Bath bombs — even those that are made at home and sold by individuals and small businesses — have been in high demand for a while. One important thing to consider when you’re starting your bath bomb business is coming up with a great business name. Below, we discuss some steps to take when naming your business, and we list some different types of bath bomb business names that you can use for your business or as inspiration to come up with your own name.

How to Pick a Name for Your Bath Bomb Business

A good business name lets customers know the type of business you have or what you aspire for it to be. One of the simplest ways to come up with a bath bomb business name is to incorporate your own name with words that pertain to bath bombs. Examples include Kim’s Bath & Body or Taylor’s Bath Bomb Treats. This is a straightforward and easy way to tell people about yourself and your business.

You’ll want to make sure the business name you want to use isn’t already taken. A simple web search is the easiest way to do this. Exact naming websites will vary depending on the state you live in, but, in most cases, you can check your local Secretary of State website. You should also look out for trademarked names to avoid infringements.

You can choose to operate as a sole proprietor or with other business partners. If you decide to create a limited liability company to keep your personal assets separate, you’ll simply add LLC after your business name (i.e., Kim’s Bath and Body LLC).

Bath Bomb Business Names

Looking for something more creative or still feeling stuck? We’ve divided other bath bomb business name ideas into several categories:


If you don’t want to use your own name, try using a nickname or a loved one’s name — or even just a favorite name. Incorporate any name with words associated with bath bombs. Here are some examples using variations of the name “Kim”:

  • Kim’s Bath and Body
  • Kimmy’s Bubbles & Bliss
  • Kimberley’s Fizzy Delights
  • Kimber’s Bath Treats
  • K Bath & Co.
  • K’s Bath Bomb Bliss
  • Kimmi’s Bath Collection
  • Kimberlee’s Bath Indulgences and More


Sometimes, the city you live in or your birthplace can work well in your business name. You can use the city’s name, nickname, area code, or landmarks. Here are a few examples:

  • Sin City Bath Bombs
  • 818 Luxury Bubbles
  • Southwest Bath & Co.
  • Manhattan Beach Bath Treats


Sometimes, businesses merge two words to make a completely new one. This requires a bit of ingenuity, but it can lead to some very fun and memorable names. One such example is Groupon, which combines group and coupon. Some bath bomb-related ideas are:

  • Bomdazzles (bomb and dazzle)
  • Luxabomb (luxuriant and bomb)
  • Fizzbizz (fizzy and business)
  • Orbulence (opulence and orb, the general shape of bath bombs)


Try turning your business name into a fun, easy-to-remember acronym. One such example is CVS, which stands for Consumer Value Store. The only downside to using an acronym for your business name is that potential customers (who don’t know the longer version of the name) might be left wondering what types of products you sell. Some examples include:

  • KBT (Kimber’s Bath Treats)
  • KB&B (Kimmy’s Bubbles & Bliss)

Alternate Spellings

Some popular business names use alternate/alliterative spellings or eliminate letters. Some real-life examples include Tumblr and Krispy Kreme. Here are a few stylish bath bomb business name ideas:

  • Lux ‘N Lavish Bath Bombs
  • Kim’s Kreations
  • Drop ‘N Pop Bath Bombs
  • Beauty Bom-boms

More Information

For more on bath bombs and how to name your product, see our article on cute bath bomb names (from Berrylicious to Vanilla Vacation). For even more related ideas, you may be able to gather some from our article covering LipSense business name ideas.