BeautyCounter vs Rodan + Fields vs Arbonne, etc: Who to Sell With

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When choosing a direct sales company to work with, consider key factors like seller support, startup costs, and compensation. If you’re interested in skincare or beauty, we compare the following companies: Arbonne, Avon, BeautyCounter, Ever, Mary Kay, Neora, Rodan + Fields, and Younique. Which is the best company to work for? It depends on what you’re looking for. Mary Kay, for example, has the highest commission rate at 50%. On the other hand, Avon has the lowest startup cost at just $25. Below, we have the list of direct sales skincare companies, including the details of each company’s startup costs, compensation, and seller support.

How Direct Sales Companies Work

To put it simply, direct sales companies (also known as multi-level marketing companies) work by adding networking to traditional sales. For example, the woman who invited you to that Avon party hopes to sell you some skincare products. She’d also love it if you were to join her team and commit to selling Avon yourself. Let’s say you sign up and start selling too. Eventually, you’ll ask others to join your team and start selling. This process allows Avon to make more money and offers incentives to those who get others involved.

While some people have great success with this business model, it is important to note that working for a direct sales company isn’t a quick and easy way to make money. In fact, in “The Case (For And) Against Multi-Level Marketing,” Jon Taylor of the Consumer Awareness Institute concludes that 99.7% of people who join direct sales companies will lose money. That said, be sure to research start-up costs and commission rates before you get started.

Direct Sales Skincare Companies Compared

Skincare obsessed and the entrepreneurial type? Here’s our analysis of BeautyCounter vs Rodan and Fields vs Arbonne and more.


  • Products: Skin care, bath and body, makeup, nutrition, and hair
  • Seller program: As an “Arbonne Independent Consultant,” you will likely spend most of your time promoting products on social media.
  • Seller support: On its website, Arbonne promises a nurturing support system and caring, committed leadership. Once registered, you’ll have access to marketing tools, a personalized website, and an app for selling on the go.
  • Startup costs: Registration is $79 and includes a starter kit with product samples and essential documents, such as a product catalog, order sheets, informative flyers, workbooks, checklists, and other tools to help you succeed. Each year, you will be charged a $30 fee. Larger kits are available for between $259 and $642.
  • Compensation: Consultants make 35% commission on personal sales and 15% on “Preferred Client” sales. Preferred Clients are those who pay for an annual membership to receive product discounts but do not sell products themselves.
  • How to sign up: To start selling, you’ll need to contact an Independent Consultant. Whether you personally know a consultant or need help finding one near you, sign up on Arbonne’s website.


  • Products: Makeup, skincare, bath and body, fragrance, jewelry, home, health and wellness, and a men’s line
  • Seller program: As an “Avon Representative” you are encouraged to hand out brochures to your friends and family to promote your Avon online store.
  • Seller support: After you register with Avon, a corporate representative will set up a casual meeting with you. This person will become your mentor. You will also receive a startup kit that includes sales information, order forms, brochures, your free online store, and an app for selling on the go.
  • Startup costs: You can choose from three kits to get started, ranging from $25 to $100.
  • Compensation: Avon’s compensation breakdown is not available on its website. The following information was found on an Avon representative’s personal blog: As a new representative, you will earn 40% commission on all sales. After seven campaigns, you will earn between 20 and 50% commission, depending on the order total, type of products sold, and how long you have been selling. Corporate representatives also earn 13% commission on their team’s sales.
  • How to sign up: Register with Avon online or through a representative


  • Products: Skincare, makeup, bath and body
  • Seller program: “BeautyCounter Consultants” are encouraged to host socials and one-on-one consultations, though you can also make sales online.
  • Seller support: If you know a BeautyCounter consultant, you can enlist that person as your mentor. If not, you can find a mentor through BeautyCounter’s site. Once registered, you’ll receive a personalized website, an online tracking dashboard, and training materials.
  • Startup costs: The enrollment kit is $98 and includes a personalized website, training, two full-size products, and other materials to get your business started. Each year, you will be charged a $50 fee. You can also purchase larger starter kits for between $250 and $545.
  • Compensation: BeautyCounter Consultants make 25 to 35% commission on personal sales, depending on the amount. As you build your team, you can make 5 to 9% commission on your team’s sales as well.
  • How to sign up: If you know a BeautyCounter Consultant, contact him or her to sign up. If not, you can sign up with BeautyCounter online.


  • Products: Skincare and makeup
  • Seller program: “The Ever Specialist” is encouraged to host personal appointments and skincare socials, though you can also make sales online.
  • Seller support: If you know an Ever consultant, you can enlist that person as your mentor. If not, you can find a mentor through Ever’s site. You’ll meet other specialists at monthly local meet-ups. As a specialist, you’ll also have 24/7 access to digital training, a personal website, and a mobile app for selling on the go.
  • Startup costs: Starter kits start at $79 and include a 60-day free trial to Ever’s digital marketing tools and 24/7 access to digital training. Pricier kits, ranging from $149 to $599, come with a range of products.
  • Compensation: Ever Specialists make 20 to 35% commission on personal sales, depending on the amount sold.
  • Sign up with Ever

Mary Kay

  • Products: Skincare, makeup, body, sun, fragrance, and a men’s line
  • Seller program: As a “Mary Kay Beauty Consultant,” you are encouraged to host spa parties and personal consultations to make sales. Of course, social media plays a large part too.
  • Seller support: Team meetings and company-sponsored events are said to offer face-to-face support, information on the best practices, inspiration, and motivation. After you register with Mary Kay, you will receive brochures and DVDs with sales tips. Unlike many other companies, a personal website and app are not included in the starter pack. 
  • Startup kit: The Mary Kay starter kit is $100. The kit includes full-size products, samples to share, and brochures and DVDs with sales tips — all in a stylish bag. A business kit is available for an extra cost; it includes business cards and a personal website.
  • Compensation: Mary Kay Beauty Consultants make 50% commission on sales. According to a Mary Kay consultant’s blog, after you recruit at least two team members, you will receive 4% commission on team sales.
  • How to sign up: To start selling, you’ll need to contact a Beauty Consultant. Whether you know a consultant or need help finding one near you, sign up on Mary Kay’s site.

Neora (Formerly Nerium)

  • Products: Skincare and wellness products
  • Seller program: Neora Brand Partners sell products through home parties and online marketing.
  • Seller support: Neora promises 24/7 access to online digital training, in-person training events, and mentorship from experienced Brand Partners.
  • Startup costs: Starter kits start at $49 and include marketing materials, digital tools, 24/7 access to online training, a free website, and a mobile app for selling on the go. Larger kits, ranging from $499 to $999, include a variety of products.
  • Compensation: Neora Brand Partners earn 10% to 25% commission on personal sales, depending on the amount sold. As you build your team, you can make 5% commission on the team’s sales.
  • How to sign up: To start selling, you’ll need to contact a Brand Partner.

Rodan + Fields

  • Products: Skincare
  • Seller program: As a “Rodan + Fields Consultant” you will likely spend most of your time promoting products on social media.
  • Seller support: To start selling, you need a sponsor. This person will act as your mentor. Further support, plus skincare tips and insights from “the doctors” can be found on Rodan + Field’s social media accounts. Rodan + Fields also offers educational opportunities, though most events will cost you. Learn more about online training, conventions, and other Rodan + Fields events.
  • Startup costs: The minimum investment to become a Rodan + Fields Consultant is $45, which purchases a Business Portfolio. This includes business tools, training materials, product information, a website, and an app for selling on the go. Larger Business Kits — which include the Business Portfolio, plus additional resources and R + F products — are available at fees ranging from $395 to $995.
  • Compensation: All consultants earn retail profit. Active Consultants with a monthly sales volume over $100 also make a 10% commission on sales. Executive Consultants earn the retail profit, the 10% sales commission, and an additional 5% commission on their team’s commissionable sales volume. See Rodan + Fields’ detailed compensation plan.
  • How to sign up: To start selling, you need a sponsor. Search for a sponsor on the Rodan + Fields website to begin enrollment.


  • Products: Makeup, makeup tools, skincare, and fragrance.
  • Seller program: As a “Younique Presenter,” you will make sales primarily via social media, though you can also host parties or sell online or at a physical location.
  • Seller support: After you register with Younique, you’ll go through the Youniversity Training Academy, which offers marketing tips and business tools, including a personal website and mobile app for selling on the go.
  • Startup costs: Starter kits are called presenter kits. Registration and one kit will cost you $99.
  • Compensation: Newbies make 20% in commission, but you can earn your way up to 30%, plus 6% from sales of those on your team. See a breakdown of the Younique compensation program.
  • How to sign up: Contact a presenter in your area or find a sponsor through Younique’s website. Our article, “How to Sell Younique Successfully: Social Media, Networking, & Parties,” explains the sign-up process in depth.

In Summary

Skincare obsessed and interested in making some extra cash? In this article, we explained how direct sales companies work and the most popular skincare and beauty companies to work for. The best company to work for will depend on what you’re looking for. Whether you decide to sign up to sell Mary Kay and earn 50% commission, start with Avon for just $25, or go for another company that most appeals to you, direct sales can be the start of a new career.

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