Benchmade Military & Law Enforcement Discount Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Benchmade Knife Company offers a 30% discount to military, public safety, and law enforcement personnel. To get the discount, you’ll need to create an account on Benchmade’s website.

Benchmade Military Discount & Law Enforcement Discount Policy

Benchmade Knife Company offers 30% off online orders for military and public safety officials, customer service said. This discount is available for active and retired military, law enforcement, firefighters, rescuers, and EMTs.

You’ll need a Benchmade public safety account to get the discount. After registering, you can log in any time you’re shopping at and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

To create an account, visit Benchmade’s registration page. Mark “yes” when asked if you are a military, public safety, or law enforcement official. You’ll then be asked your public safety type and branch to confirm your eligibility.

The final step in registration is the Automatic Knife Opening Acknowledgement. You only need to sign this form if you’re active-duty military. Automatic-opening knives are eligible for the discount but can only be shipped directly to you if you are active duty. Automatic-opening knife purchases by veterans or retired personnel will need to be shipped to a dealer in your area.

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