Big O Tires Alignment Cost Explained (Plus Where Else to Consider)

Short Answer: Big O Tires’ alignment services cost between $60 and $90, depending on the location and the type of vehicle. Keep in mind, you’ll need to make an appointment for wheel alignment at Big O Tires. For more on Big O Tires’ alignment prices and services, see below. 

Big O Tires Alignment Cost Explained

Big O Tires offers wheel alignment services but prices vary because Big O Tires locations are individually owned and operated. The price also depends on your vehicle make and model.

We contacted Big O Tires locations in California, Utah, and Washington to find out typical wheel alignment costs. We found that alignment services typically cost between $60 and $90. Keep in mind, all of the locations we called said an appointment is necessary for alignment services. Alignment service appointments will take about an hour. You can schedule a service online or contact your nearest Big O Tires to make an appointment.

Big O Tires does not usually offer specials or discounts on tire alignment; for available coupons and promotions, see Big O Tires’ deals page.

Alignment Services

All alignment services at Big O Tires include:

  • Alignment angle adjustments
  • Camber, caster, and toe adjustments
  • Tire pressure adjustments
  • Visual inspection of your steering and suspension systems

More Information

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