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Short Answer

Big O Tires’ alignment services cost between $60 and $90, depending on the store location and your vehicle’s make and model. You’ll need to make an appointment for the service. To determine whether or not you need a wheel alignment, you can get a free alignment check at Big O Tires.

Big O Tires Alignment Cost Explained

Big O Tires offers wheel alignment services, but its prices vary since Big O Tires locations are individually owned and operated.

The price also depends on your vehicle’s make and model. Alignments for vehicles with larger and/or more expensive tires will likely cost more.

We contacted Big O Tires locations in California, Utah, and Washington to find out typical wheel alignment costs. Alignment services typically cost between $60 and $90 total.

To determine if you need an alignment, Big O Tires will do a free alignment check, which includes a visual inspection of the steering, suspension, tire pressure, and alignment angles.

According to the Big O Tires website, poor alignment can cause your tires to wear out faster, and it can also decrease your gas mileage, so it is important to get alignments when necessary.

Keep in mind, all of the locations we called told us that an appointment is necessary for alignment services. Alignment service appointments will take about an hour, and you can schedule a service online or contact your nearest Big O Tires to make an appointment.

Big O Tires does not usually offer specials or discounts on tire alignment, but to check for available coupons and promotions, see Big O Tires’ deals page.

Alignment Services

All alignment services at Big O Tires include:

  • Alignment angle adjustments
  • Camber, caster, and toe adjustments
  • Tire pressure adjustments
  • Visual inspection of your steering and suspension systems

More Information

Not satisfied with Big O Tires’ services? See our related research for other places that offer wheel alignments.

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