Does BJ’s Do Oil Changes? BJ’s Oil Change Policy

Does BJ’s do oil changes? No. BJ’s Wholesale Club does not do oil changes. You can stop by one of its tire centers for other automotive services though. For more on BJ’s store services, see below.

Does BJ’s Do Oil Changes?

BJ’s Wholesale Club does not offer oil change services, but you can purchase motor oil on BJ’s website and in stores.

A membership is required to shop at BJ’s. One-day shopping passes are available for non-members. Shopping passes are 20% of your total purchases. So, for example, if you spend $100 on groceries and $20 on gas, you will be charged $24. You can, of course, purchase a BJ’s membership instead. There are three membership options:

  • BJ’s Online Access: For $10 a year, you can place orders on BJ’s website.
  • BJ’s Inner Circle: For $55 a year, you can shop BJ’s online and in-store. Keep a lookout for discounted Inner Circle memberships, as they are discounted to $25 a few times a year.
  • BJ’s Perks Rewards: For $110 a year, you can shop BJ’s online and in-store and get 2% cash back on most BJ’s purchases.

In Summary

There is no BJ’s oil change service. You can visit a BJ’s Tire Center for tire services or purchase motor oil at BJ’s to change your oil yourself. For more information on shopping clubs, see our articles: Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes? Sam’s Club Oil Change Price & More and Sharing Costco Memberships with Your Family, Business, or Friends.

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