Bowflex Military Discount Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Bowflex offers a discount for both active military and veterans. The discount is typically 15% off, depending on the equipment model, and you must order by phone to get it.

Bowflex Military Discount Policy

Bowflex offers a military discount to active and retired members of all military branches, including the National Guard.[1][2]

The Bowflex military discount is available year-round, and the amount is typically 15% off, depending on the model of equipment you purchase.[2]

You may also receive free shipping with the specific product you choose.[2]

How to Get a Bowflex Military Discount

If you’re an active military member, you’ll need to provide Bowflex your current military email address.[2]

If you’re retired, you can submit a copy of your military identification card or DD Form 214.[2]

You must call Bowflex customer service at (800) 618-8853 to provide proof of identification and place your order.

The Bowflex website isn’t equipped to process military discounts, so you can only get the discount when placing your order by phone.[2]

If you need to submit a copy of your ID card or DD Form 214, you can do so by email; the customer service associate will tell you where to send it.[2]

Note: You may also be able to find Bowflex equipment at sporting goods stores, but not all of these stores offer military discounts; for example, DICK’S Sporting Goods does not offer a military discount (as previously reported).

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