6 Brands Like Chubbies for Men’s Swim Trunks & Shorts

Chubbies sells clothing and swimwear. It is known for its retro-style men’s shorts and swim trunks. Similar brands to Chubbies regarding style and the type of products offered include Cabana Bro, and Kennedy — all of which offer colorful shorts and/or swim trunks in shorter inseams for a “retro” fit. For the full list of brands that offer swim trunks and shorts like Chubbies, see below.

The List of Brands Like Chubbies

Chubbies is a casual clothing brand specializing in vintage-inspired men’s swimwear and shorts. The brand also sells shirts, outerwear, and accessories for men, and a more limited range of shorts, tops, and swimsuits for women.

Designed for comfort and a “retro” fit, Chubbies clothing items are often made from a spandex blend or tri-blend (polyester/cotton/rayon). Many products are manufactured in the U.S. and come in sizes small to XXL and four different inseams. Chubbies’ popular men’s shorts range in price from:

  • $35 to $100 for casual shorts
  • $50 to $65 for sport shorts
  • $60 to $70 for swim trunks

While you can get a military discount or group discount to save up to 15%, Chubbies shorts are on the expensive side. We’ve compiled the list of brands like Chubbies to give you a few options — some are even cheaper.

Bearbottom Clothing

  • Products: Shorts, swim trunks, shirts, fleece jackets, and boxer briefs. Bearbottom’s designs come in fewer prints than Chubbies but can be purchased in the same “retro” fit.
  • Price: $30 to $35 for shorts and swim trunks
  • Sizes: Small to XL
  • Quality: Shorts come in cotton twill, denim, and polyester/spandex fabrics. Bearbottom swim trunks are 100% polyester. All of Bearbottom’s products are manufactured in Bangladesh at garment factories compliant with Accord and Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety standards.
  • Where to buy: BearbottomClothing.com


  • Products: Lined men’s shorts and pants; shorts come in three different inseams. Birddogs does not sell swim trunks but the company says you can swim in its gym shorts. Shorts come in more solids than prints.
  • Price: About $50 to $60 for shorts
  • Sizes: Small to XXL
  • Quality: Clothing is manufactured in China using a unique bacteria- and moisture-resistant performance fabric.
  • Where to buy: Birddogs.com

Cabana Bro

  • Products: Swim trunks. Cabana Bro designs are colorful and come with a five-inch inseam; product range is more limited than Chubbies.
  • Price: About $40
  • Sizes: Small to XL
  • Quality: Cabana Bro clothing is designed in California and made in China. Swim trunks are 100% quick-dry polyester with mesh lining and velcro pocket closures.
  • Where to buy: CabanaBroShorts.com

Meripex Apparel

  • Products: Shorts and swim trunks with a 5.5-inch inseam. Meripex Apparel shorts come in various colors and prints but are more subdued than Chubbies.
  • Price: About $30 to $40 for shorts and swim trunks
  • Sizes: Small to XXL
  • Quality: Meripex Apparel swim trunks are 100% polyester. Shorts are available in 100% cotton, cotton/spandex blend (4-way stretch styles), or polyester/cotton blend (lounge shorts).
  • Where to buy: Meripex.com


  • Products: Vintage-inspired swim trunks
  • Price: About $145 to $165
  • Sizes: Small to XXL
  • Quality: The company uses stonewashed fabrics with embedded UV filters to prevent fading;  all hardware (such as drawstring caps) is hand-placed. It also treats its fabrics with silicon and Teflon for water repellency and quick drying.
  • Where to buy: retromarine.nyc and in more than 100 retail stores like Amazon and Neiman Marcus

Sauvage Swimwear

  • Products: Swim trunks and board shorts in a wide range of solids and retro prints
  • Price: About $55 to $85 for swim trunks
  • Sizes: Small to XL
  • Quality: Sauvage swimsuits are constructed from a nylon/lycra blend and manufactured at Sauvage’s headquarters in San Diego, Calif.
  • Where to buy: SauvageWear.com

In Summary

Chubbies is known for its colorful, vintage-inspired men’s swimwear and shorts. Most of Chubbies’ competitors fall within a similar price range and are of comparable quality, including Cabana Bro and Kennedy. A few options are cheaper, namely Bearbottom Clothing and Meripex Apparel. The full list brands like Chubbies, plus details of the competitors’ available products, pricing, sizes, and quality, is provided above.
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