Buy Now, Pay Later Furniture for Bad Credit (Some With No Credit Check)

Short Answer: Furniture shops that offer buy now, pay later — even if you have bad credit — include Bob’s Discount Furniture, Furniture7, Luther Sales, MDG, and Wayfair. Most of these retailers also offer nationwide shipping, so you decide which shop is best for you and have your furniture shipped to your door. For more on buy now, pay later furniture for bad credit, see below.

Buy Now, Pay Later Furniture for Bad Credit

A number of furniture retailers offer buy now, pay later financing– even if you have bad credit. In fact, some of the stores listed don’t even require a credit check.

Keep in mind that when you’re dealing with a retailer that offers bad credit financing, your annual percentage rate (APR) will probably be quite high. That means your total furniture purchase price will be much higher in the long run. If possible, consider saving for a big purchase and/or using our related article on affordable furniture options as a guide.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture has store locations across the country and offers nationwide delivery. And, it gives customers the ability to rebuild their credit through its lease-to-own option.

  • Buy now, pay later options: Lease-to-own through AcceptanceNOW, My Bob’s Card credit card backed by Wells Fargo
  • Credit check required? Yes for both options
  • Minimum credit score? No minimum for lease-to-own; fair to good credit for My Bob’s Card
  • Deposit required? Yes for lease-to-own (amounts vary); none for My Bob’s Card
  • Interest rates: For lease-to-own, APRs are based on your credit score; find the terms for My Bob’s Card online
  • Requirements: AcceptanceNOW requires personal references, verification of residence, and verification of income. My Bob’s Card applicants must provide a valid photo ID.
  • Apply for Bob’s Discount Furniture financing online
  • Source: Bob’s Financing & Payment Options; AcceptanceNOW FAQs; customer service representatives


Furniture7 offers free shipping nationwide on most of its products. Customers can be approved for up to $3,000 worth of merchandise through its lease-to-own program. Keep in mind that Furniture7’s lease-to-own program is an installment sale; you can’t cancel it or exchange or return your purchases.

  • Buy now, pay later options: Progressive Leasing for up to 12 months
  • Credit check required? Yes
  • Minimum credit score? None specified
  • Deposit required? Yes (amounts vary)
  • Interest rates: Vary, depending on your credit history
  • Requirements: You must be at least 18, have verifiable income, a bank account, and a valid debit card.
  • Apply for Furniture7 financing online
  • Source: Furniture7 FAQs

Luther Sales

Luther Sales ships nationwide and gives customers the opportunity to rebuild their credit through its buy now, pay later plans. Luther Sales’ plans are allotment loans, which means you’ll sign up for automatic payments deducted from your paycheck. Luther Sales says it has a program for you regardless of your credit history.

  • Buy now, pay later options: Allotment loans with terms up to 36 months
  • Credit check required? Yes
  • Minimum credit score? None specified; if you have bad credit, you may be required to provide a down payment
  • Deposit required? Only if you have bad credit
  • Interest rates: Vary by state
  • Requirements: You must have at least one year of employment with your current employer.
  • Apply for Luther Sales financing online
  • Source: Luther Sales FAQs; Luther Sales Downloadable Forms


MDG ships all of its products nationwide and has a Lowest Price Match Guarantee. Customers can be approved for up to $3,000 worth of credit.


Wayfair sells furniture, home decor, electronics, and more from its online store, and it offers free shipping over certain purchase amounts. Wayfair allows customers to pay through Affirm and choose their repayment schedule.

  • Buy now, pay later options: Affirm pay over time program
  • Credit check required? Yes; soft credit pull for pre-qualification and potentially a hard pull for final approval
  • Minimum credit score? None specified
  • Deposit required? Those approved with poor or no credit scores may be required to make small down payment. But if your credit is okay, the first payment is due 30 days from purchase.
  • Interest rates: Vary; typically between 10% and 30%
  • Requirements: To qualify, you must be 18 or older with a valid Social Security number and mobile phone number. Approval is based on a variety of factors with no specific minimum requirements for income or credit level.
  • Apply: Shop online at (paid partner link), and then choose Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm at checkout to complete the short application.
  • Source: Wayfair Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm page

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