13 Buy Now, Pay Later Stores (4 With No Credit Check)

Buy now, pay later stores offer everything from clothing to home goods, appliances, furniture, and more. Below, we list the buy now, pay later stores in your area — some with traditional credit-based financing programs and some with no credit check.

Keep in mind that when you use a buy now, pay later financing program for purchases, you’ll end up paying a bit more than the retail price. It’s important to choose financing that fits your budget so you can ensure that you’ll make all of your payments on time.

What We Recommend

The best buy now, pay later store for you will depend somewhat on what you wish to buy. It’s best to know what you’re going to purchase, how much it costs, and how much you’re willing to pay in interest and fees before applying for financing.

Of the options on our list, Kmart, Sears, Big Lots, and Conn’s are best for most customers since they’re the only options that don’t require hard credit checks. These stores also do not charge interest, though you’ll need to pay leasing fees under the terms of your lease-to-own agreement.

Comparison Table

See a brief overview of the stores with buy now, pay later financing options below. Click each store name to find more information on our list. Note that you can also sort the table by each column using the arrows at the top.

Store Requires credit check? Charges interest? Charges additional fees?
Bloomingdale's Yes Yes Yes
Gap Yes Yes Yes
Kmart No No Yes
Macy's Yes Yes Yes
Neiman Marcus Yes Yes Yes
Nordstrom Yes Yes Yes
Sears No No Yes
Walmart Yes Yes Yes
Big Lots No No Yes
Conn's No No Yes
Lowe's Yes Yes Yes
Pottery Barn Yes Yes Yes
The Home Depot Yes Yes Yes

Buy Now, Pay Later Stores

Our list below is divided into clothing/department stores and home/garden stores so you can more easily find an option that suits your needs. Since the terms and requirements of these programs are similar, each section is listed in alphabetical order.

Clothing and Department Stores


  • Buy now, pay later option: Bloomingdale’s Credit Card or Bloomingdale’s American Express[1]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; good to excellent credit score[1][2]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[3]
  • Interest: About 26%[3]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[3]
  • Apply


Note: You can also use Gap credit cards at Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy (in retail stores and online).[4]

  • Buy now, pay later option: Gap Credit Card or Gap Silver Credit Card[4]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[4][5]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[6]
  • Interest: About 27%[6]
  • Fees: Up to $38 for late payments[6]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: WhyNotLeaseIt[7]
  • Requires credit check? No[7]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly[7]
  • Interest: None[7]
  • Fees: Leasing fees of 5% to 10%[7]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Macy’s Card[8]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[9][10]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[9]
  • Interest: About 26%[9]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[9]
  • Apply

Neiman Marcus

  • Buy now, pay later option: Neiman Marcus Credit Card[11]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[11][12]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[13]
  • Interest: About 26%[13]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments and up to $25 for return payments[13]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Nordstrom credit card or Nordstrom Visa[14]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[15]))[16]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[17]
  • Interest: About 26%[17]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments and up to $29 for returned payments[17]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: WhyNotLeaseIt[18]
  • Requires credit check? No[18]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, twice a month, or monthly[18]
  • Interest: None[18]
  • Fees: Leasing fees of 5% to 10%[18]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Walmart Rewards Card or Capital One Walmart Rewards Card[19]
  • Requires credit check? Yes[20]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[20]
  • Interest: About 18% to 27%[20]
  • Fees: Late fees up to $39[20]
  • Apply

For other stores similar to Walmart that have financing, see our list of grocery stores with buy now, pay later options.

Home and Garden Stores

Big Lots

  • Buy now, pay later option: Progressive Leasing[21]
  • Requires credit check? No[21]
  • Payment schedule: Varies based on your paycheck schedule; first payment due at time of purchase[21]
  • Interest: No[22]
  • Fees: Vary based on your lease agreement[22]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Progressive Leasing[23]
  • Requires credit check? No[23]
  • Payment schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly[23]
  • Interest: None[24]
  • Fees: Vary based on your lease agreement[24]
  • Apply


  • Buy now, pay later option: Lowe’s Advantage Card[25]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[26]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[27]
  • Interest: About 27%[27]
  • Fees: Up to $38 for late payments[27]
  • Apply

Pottery Barn

  • Buy now, pay later option: Pottery Barn Credit Card[28]
  • Requires credit check? Yes[28]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[29]
  • Interest: About 27%[29]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late and returned payments[29]
  • Apply

The Home Depot

  • Buy now, pay later option: The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card[30]
  • Requires credit check? Yes; fair or better credit score[31][32]
  • Payment schedule: Monthly[31]
  • Interest: About 18% to 27%[31]
  • Fees: Up to $40 for late payments[31]
  • Apply
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