4 Cable Options With No Credit Check and/or No Deposit

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If your cable service requires a contract (e.g., 6 months, 1 year, etc.), you’ll usually need to agree to a credit check. Depending on your level of credit, you may be waived from paying a security deposit.

However, cable service providers that allow month-to-month or prepaid service rather than contracts may not require credit checks.

Below, we list the policy at each major cable company.

What We Recommend

All of the options on our list provide ways for you to get cable without a credit check, but we recommend Xfinity most highly.

Xfinity’s prepaid plans do not require credit checks or deposits, offering a straightforward way for you to sign up with no surprise credit pulls or monetary demands.

The other options on our list either require a deposit in order to avoid a credit check or charge deposits for some customers.

Comparison Table

Compare your options easily in the table below; it is sortable by any column if you select the arrows at the top.

You can also select each company name or scroll to the list below for more details.

Company Requires credit check? Requires deposit?
XfinityNot for prepaid plans Not for prepaid plans
Suddenlink CommunicationsNo Sometimes
Cox CommunicationsNot if you make a deposit and set up automatic payments Yes
Optimum/AlticeNot for contract-free plans Yes
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The List

Below, we list the cable companies with no credit check, beginning with the overall best option.

We gathered this information by viewing each company’s available plans and terms online and contacting customer service representatives.


  • Requires credit check? Xfinity usually requires a credit check, but not for prepaid cable plans.
  • Requires deposit? Not for prepaid plans
  • Find out more

Cox Communications

  • Requires credit check? Usually requires a soft pull, but will waive this if you make a deposit and set up automatic payments
  • Requires deposit? Yes, $50 deposit required to avoid a credit check
  • Find out more


  • Requires credit check? Not for contract-free plans
  • Requires deposit? Yes, one-month advanced payment on your contract-free plan
  • Find out more

Companies That Require Credit Checks and Deposits

In the course of our research, we found that the following companies typically require credit checks and/or deposits when you sign up.

There may be some deposit exceptions for customers with particular credit profiles.

Alternatives to Cable

Online television services provide an alternative to cable if you’re unable to find a cable plan that suits your needs or credit profile. For more information, see our research on low-cost cable and online subscription options.

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