Can I Run My Gas Fireplace Without the Fan? Answered

Gas fireplace that's lit

There are no issues with running a gas fireplace without the fan, as long as the fireplace is enclosed and properly vented. Learn more about operating a gas fireplace and the purpose of gas fireplace fans below.

Can I Run My Gas Fireplace Without the Fan?

Gas fireplaces are typically installed with a fan, also called a blower. The purpose of gas fireplace fans is to disperse heat — not necessarily to vent exhaust. You can operate an enclosed, vented gas fireplace without turning on the fan for as long as you need to. This includes both direct vent gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts. However, it’s not recommended to operate vent-free gas fireplaces for longer than a few hours at a time (with or without a fan) because of the risk of exhaust buildup in your home. We gathered this information from service representatives at several different home heating installation companies in New York and Colorado.

Vented gas fireplaces are designed to run with or without the fan so they can be used as a heat source even during a power outage. Keep in mind, when the blower is not running, the surface of the fireplace and the walls surround the device may become hotter than usual. Be sure to keep children and pets — and other objects — from touching the surface of the fireplace.

In Summary

You can run your vented gas fireplace with or without the fan continuously. The fan, or blower, is used to disperse heat, rather than to vent exhaust. Vent-free gas fireplaces should only be operated for up to three hours at a time, regardless of whether or not the fan is on. For more information on heating options, see our article: Are Infrared Heaters Worth It? What Do They Cost to Run? Answered.


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