Can You Sell Your Car to CarMax Without the Title? Answered

CarMax retail lot with cars in the foreground

If you want to sell your car to CarMax, you will need to provide the title — it’s one of the requirements CarMax enforces when buying cars or accepting trade-ins.

Additionally, according to the company’s website, every titleholder should be present when selling the vehicle.

This does not mean you have to own the car; you can bring your payment information to CarMax and you will still be able to sell it.

With the title present and all other requirements met, CarMax will purchase almost any vehicle, including cars with salvage titles and those with activated check engine lights (as previously reported).

If you lost the title to your car, you can apply for a new car title and you will be reissued one after proving ownership. If you are unable to get a new title for your car, your options for selling it are quite limited. You can, however, part out the car or sell it as scrap.

How to Sell Your Car to CarMax

CarMax will purchase almost any car make and model — from luxury vehicles to salvage title vehicles — but you must have a valid title, the current registration, a valid photo ID, and all keys and remotes for the car.

To sell your car, you can contact your local CarMax or complete an online form to set up a time to have your vehicle inspected. You will then need to take your car to the nearest CarMax, where an appraiser will inspect it for damage, take it for a test drive, and check the vehicle’s history.

These factors, plus the market demand for your car, will affect the offer amount. CarMax’s offer for your car will remain good for seven days, and it will be the same whether you want to trade-in or sell.

For more about CarMax, check out our article onĀ CarMax’s bad credit approval policy.


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