Can You Transfer Your Planet Fitness Membership to Another Person? Solved

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As a Planet Fitness member, you cannot transfer your membership to another person.[1]

We verified this information by contacting Planet Fitness locations in Arizona, New York, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin; all of the gym employees we spoke with said membership transfers are not allowed.

You also cannot allow someone else to use your Planet Fitness membership under your name. For more details, see our article on membership and guest policies by gym.

Transferring Your Membership to a Different Location

While you cannot transfer your membership to another person, you can transfer it to another Planet Fitness location — as long as you’ve been a member for at least 90 days and you do not have an outstanding bill at your current location.[2]

Planet Fitness also can’t transfer prepaid memberships or memberships paid by your employer or health care plan.[3]

To transfer your membership to a different location, enter your key tag number and personal information on the Planet Fitness member transfer page or visit the front desk of your current gym or the gym you want to transfer to. There is no fee to transfer your membership to a new location.[2]

How to Transfer Your Billing Information

If you’re unable to pay for your Planet Fitness membership, a friend or family member can authorize to take over payment for your account.

The friend or family member will need to sign an Authorized Billing Form before your account will be transferred from your billing information to their billing information.

The friend or family member can be billed for multiple accounts, if necessary, but your membership will still be in your name.[4]

If you are interested in this option, visit the front desk of your gym, call customer service at (603) 750-0001, or email [email protected].

How to Downgrade Your Membership

If you need to downgrade your Black Card membership to a classic membership, you can do so by visiting your local Planet Fitness. See our related research for on downgrading your Planet Fitness membership.


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