Can You Bring Your Own Oil to Jiffy Lube? Answered

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Short Answer

Jiffy Lube typically allows you to bring your own oil for an oil change. This can help you save money — when you bring your own oil, some Jiffy Lube locations will just charge for the service, while others will charge per quart of oil changed.

Can You Bring Your Own Oil to Jiffy Lube?

You can bring your own oil to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, customer service representatives said.

We contacted Jiffy Lube locations in New York, California, Texas, and Florida — every location we spoke with told us that you can bring your own oil.

This might save you money on oil change services if you aren’t comfortable changing your car’s oil yourself; you will not have to pay for the oil at the time of your oil change, and you can shop around to get the best price.

Oil Change Prices

Jiffy Lube’s regular oil change prices range from about $30 to $70, depending on the location and the type of oil your car needs.

The locations we spoke to in New York, California, and Texas told us they will charge a standard service fee rather than the usual oil change price if you bring your own oil. The shops we spoke with in Florida don’t charge a service fee; instead, they charge by the quart of oil changed.

In either case, the cost of the oil will not be included in the price of the oil change if you bring your own oil.

The exact amount you can save by bringing your own oil will vary by location, oil type, amount of oil changed, etc. To get an idea, you can find five-quart containers of various brands of motor oil for around $15 to $20 on Amazon.

To find out exact policies and pricing, you can contact your local Jiffy Lube.

Other Ways to Save

For more ways to save at Jiffy Lube, you can check out the coupons on the company’s website.

Our previous research also details Jiffy Lube’s senior discount.


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