Can You Negotiate With CarMax? On Price, New Tires, etc. Answered

Short Answer: You won’t be able to negotiate prices or haggle with CarMax. You may, however, be able to get a tax credit if you sell or trade-in your vehicle at select CarMax dealerships. You may also be able to negotiate for things like minor repairs or new tires when you purchase a vehicle. For more information on CarMax “no-haggle pricing,” see below.

Can You Negotiate With CarMax?

“No-haggle pricing” at CarMax means that the used car dealership considers the price if offers when you sell or trade-in your vehicle and the price on its used cars to be the best and lowest price; CarMax won’t negotiate or haggle. We confirmed this information with a CarMax corporate customer service representative. In addition, the representative told us that CarMax vehicles are typically priced lower than their Kelley Blue Book value.

When offering a quote and pricing vehicles, CarMax uses a four-step process and considers the vehicle’s exterior, interior, test drive, and vehicle valuation. For more details of CarMax’s appraisal process, see our related article.

Negotiable Services at CarMax

While CarMax won’t negotiate on price, some dealerships may offer a tax credit to customers selling or trading in a vehicle, as previously reported. Tax credits vary by transaction.

You may also be able to ask for minor repairs or new tires when purchasing a vehicle. CarMax details all vehicles before selling them, but, before you finalize your sale, you might want to check the car for any visible damage and/or tire wear. Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Finance Negotiations

You have the option to finance through CarMax or your own financial institution. Depending on your credit, you may have several finance options to weigh.

Want to know more about CarMax’s in-house financing? See our article on the CarMax auto loan grace period.

More Information

Does CarMax have any hidden fees? Find out in our related article.

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