Can You Negotiate With Carvana? Answered

Short Answer: You cannot negotiate the price or any of the terms associated with a vehicle sale or purchase through Carvana. The used car retailer offers its “best price” upfront and does not charge dealership or documentation fees. When purchasing a vehicle, it uses an algorithm to determine the best offer. For more details, see below.

Can You Negotiate With Carvana?

Carvana buys and sells used cars and trucks online and through its 24 real-world locations. Carvana will pick up your car for sale or deliver your purchased car to you — sometimes for free. It will also pick up the purchased vehicle if you need to return it for any reason within seven days. While the traditional car-buying and selling process can include lengthy negotiations on the price, fees, and the terms of the sale, Carvana does not allow negotiations, a corporate customer service representative said.

On its website, if you type in the word “negotiations” in Carvana Chat, an automated response will reply: “We do not negotiate our terms as we offer our best deal upfront. That way all of our customers get our best price with no haggling.” This includes offers it makes to purchase a vehicle; Carvana uses an algorithm to offer its best price.

In its 2018 annual report, the company stated:

“Buying a car at a traditional auto dealership is often a multipart transaction, including vehicle purchase, trade-in, financing and complementary products, and requires over three hours on average, according to the 2018 Car Buyer Journey report from Autotrader, and half of that is spent doing paperwork and negotiating. In response to these evolving consumer needs, we built Carvana to provide a no-pressure, no-haggle experience with flexible and fast transactions.”

Additionally, Carvana Associate Director of Communications Amy O’Hara told WTVM in Columbus, Ga., that there is “no negotiating and haggling.” She added that Carvana doesn’t “charge dealership fees.” On its website, Carvana states that it does not charge documentation fees either.

If you live within one of Carvana’s local markets, your purchased vehicle will be delivered free of charge. If you live outside of Carvana’s usual service area, you’ll pay a nonrefundable delivery fee. Or you can choose to pick up your car from one of Carvana’s car vending machines and Carvana will pay up to $200 toward your one-way plane fare and arrange transportation from the airport.

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