Can You Use Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards at Macy’s? Vice Versa? Solved

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Receiving a Macy’s gift card when you’re an avid Bloomingdale’s shopper (or vice versa) may leave you searching for a simple solution.

You can’t use a Bloomingdale’s gift card at Macy’s, or a Macy’s gift card at Bloomingdale’s. Though the stores share a parent company (Macy’s Inc.), their gift cards aren’t interchangeable.[1][2]

The same rules apply to both physical and eGift cards, so you can’t use a Bloomingdale’s gift card at the Macy’s website or in reverse.[1][2]

Where to Use Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards

You can use Bloomingdale’s gift cards at U.S. Bloomingdale’s stores, including Bloomingdale’s The Outlet and Bloomie’s, and at the Bloomingdale’s website.[3]

Where to Use Macy’s Gift Cards

You can use Macy’s gift cards at U.S. Macy’s locations, Macy’s Backstage locations, Market by Macy’s, and the Macy’s website.[4]

What to Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

If you don’t want to use your gift card at the designated store, you can return it with proof of purchase as long as you haven’t used it. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s will refund the full amount to the original form of payment.[4][5]

You can also sell your gift card; check out my list of places that buy gift cards.

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