What Is the Capital One Auto Repossession Policy? Answered

Capital One logo outside its office building in New York

Capital One offers a range of financial services, including auto loan financing and refinancing. Once your auto loan is secured through Capital One, you will be required to make the agreed-upon payments. If you stop making payments, you will default on your loan — and your vehicle may be repossessed.

The Capital One Auto repossession policy is very guarded. We called two different Capital One auto financing customer service numbers — (800) 946-0332 and (800) 689-1789 — and representatives were unable to provide specific information about Capital One’s auto repossession policy.

We were told that the answers to questions like how many payments you can miss before repossession are only available to Capital One account holders. When asked why the information is not made public, we were not given a direct response.

This may be because repossession policies vary by account holder, depending on your account status, how long you’ve had the account, etc. Repossession laws also vary by state.

We were, however, able to gather the following information related to Capital One’s auto loans and repossession policy:

  • Late payments should be avoided at all costs. While Capital One’s website does not specify how late payments affect repossession, it does state that you may incur fees and additional interest for not paying your loan on time. Additional fees can make it difficult to pay your next installment, setting in motion a cycle of late or missed payments that can potentially result in repossession.
  • Repossession laws vary by state and, according to the Federal Trade Commission, some creditors may be able to repossess your vehicle after as little as one missed payment.
  • We found several consumer reviews and complaints regarding Capital One’s various financial services on the Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau websites. In general, the reviews are mixed. While some consumers did report their vehicles being repossessed by Capital One, there is no way for us to know the specifics.
  • If you are unable to make your next payment and/or you are concerned about repossession, contact Capital One auto financing customer service at (800) 946-0332. Talk to a customer service representative about your situation to see what your options are to avoid repossession.

If your car is repossessed and you need something else to drive, see our research on ways to potentially get a free car.

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