Capital One Late Payment Removal Process & Fee Forgiveness

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Short Answer

Capital One may remove a late payment charge on a credit card bill if you contact customer service and explain your situation, but there is no guarantee. You can’t request fee forgiveness online. Late payment fees are issued after your credit card payment is one day late — even if it’s the first time you’ve missed a payment — and range from about $27 to $39.

Capital One Late Payment Removal Process

Capital One may be willing to remove a late payment charge on your credit card bill if you contact its customer service department and provide an explanation, corporate customer service representatives said.

We were told that you should call Capital One at (800) 227-4825 to request the removal of a late fee; you cannot make a request online.

Keep in mind, all requests are not granted. If this is the first time you’ve missed a payment, Capital One will likely be more willing to remove the charge. However, if you have missed several payments, you are less likely to be granted fee forgiveness.

If you are granted a fee reversal over the phone, it may still take several days for the change to be reflected on your account. To avoid late fees, Capital One suggests setting up automatic payments.

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Capital One Late Payment Fees

Capital One charges a late fee of up to $27 for the first missed payment. If your payment is late any time during the next six billing cycles, the fee will increase up to $39.

And, unless you pay the full balance of your credit card plus fees, Capital One will charge interest.

Additionally, if you have not paid the minimum balance for at least 60 days, your interest rate may increase.

Capital One Credit Reporting

Capital One reports missed payments to the credit bureaus once your payment is at least 30 days late.

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