Top 5 Car Battery Delivery & Installation Options (Fast, Cheap)

Mechanic installing a car battery after delivery

When your car’s battery stops working, it can be convenient to get a new battery delivered to you, especially if you don’t have a reliable method of transportation to the store.

While this service isn’t widely available, a few companies offer it, and some will even install the new battery for you. Below, we have more details about these services.

What We Recommend

Your Mechanic and AAA are the most widely available options for mobile car battery delivery and installation. Both operate throughout the U.S., though AAA’s service is for members only.

If you feel comfortable installing the battery yourself, Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone both offer home delivery for batteries. Neither store will install the battery at your home at the time of delivery, but both install batteries at retail locations.

The List

Note: Our list is ordered based on which services are available and how widely, with nationwide options listed first.

1. Your Mechanic

2. AAA Mobile Car Battery Service

  • Requirements: Must be an AAA member[2]
  • How it works: An AAA technician will test and replace your old battery once you receive and approve the charge (which is based on your vehicle type and will include an AAA discount).[2]
  • Availability: Nationwide[2]
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3. Advance Auto Parts Same Day Delivery

  • Requirements: You must place your order online; it will be denoted at checkout if your battery is available that day[3]
  • How it works: Once your order your battery and choose same-day delivery, a delivery service will bring it to you; installation is not available, though Advance Auto Parts locations will install batteries at no charge.[3]
  • Availability: In many major cities and expanding[3]
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4. AutoZone Next Day Delivery

  • Requirements: Place the order online; order total must be at least $35[4]
  • How it works: Choose your zip code and look for the “Next Day Delivery” option; order cutoff times for next day delivery will vary (typically about 10 p.m.), and installation is not available.[4] However, AutoZone locations do install batteries free of charge (as previously reported).
  • Availability: In about 90 U.S. cities and expanding[4]
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5. Just Jump USA

  • Requirements: None[5]
  • How it works: Call Just Jump and request a new or used battery and installation. Installation starts at about $40 (including delivery).[5]
  • Availability: Limited (Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana)[5]
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If none of the companies on our list are in your area or they aren’t able to meet your needs, keep in mind that you may be able to find a local company that will deliver and install car batteries in your area.

For example, Mobile Battery Squad offers delivery, and installation services in Texas and Dugger Services serves customers in New Mexico and Arizona.

Amazon is also in the process of rolling out Amazon Home Services, which includes car battery installation. It is currently only offered in select cities, but has plans to expand.

With this service, you place an order with a local professional who will come to you to install a new battery and dispose of the old one.[6]

Note that popular delivery services like Instacart, Postmates, and Shipt primarily deliver food and other essentials (such as over-the-counter pharmacy items). They do not currently offer auto parts delivery.[7][8][9]

Places That Don’t Have Battery Delivery

In the course of our research, we found that the following places don’t offer battery delivery, though some do install new batteries after you purchase them.

We’ve used an asterisk to denote battery retailers that will install new batteries free of charge.

  • Costco (as previously reported)
  • Firestone (battery installation starts at $15)[10]
  • Midas (battery installation starts at $15)[11]
  • Meineke (battery installation starts at around $15, depending on the vehicle)[12]
  • NAPA Auto Parts*[13]
  • National Tire and Battery*[14]
  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts*[15]
  • Pep Boys (if installation takes over 30 minutes, a charge of $10 per tenth of an hour will accrue)[16]
  • Sears[17]
  • Walmart Auto Care Center*[18]

For more about auto services — including battery testing and installation — see our comparison of NAPA, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

  1. Your Mechanic customer service (800) 701-6230[][]
  2. AAA customer service (800) 222-4357[][][]
  3. Advance Auto Parts customer service (877) 238-2623[][][]
  4. AutoZone customer service (800) 288-6966[][][]
  5. Just Jump customer service (866) 221-3983[][][]
  6. Amazon customer service (888) 280-4331[]
  7. Postmates customer service (800) 882-6106[]
  8. Instacart customer service (888) 246-7822[]
  9. Shipt customer service (205) 502-2500[]

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