Is There a CarMax Car Rental Service? CarMax Services Explained

A CarMax retail lot with cars parked in front

Some rental car companies sell a portion of their used cars to the public. So, one might assume that CarMax — a used car dealer — makes a portion of its inventory available for rent. Unfortunately, it does not. CarMax rental cars do not exist.

Does CarMax Rent Cars?

No, CarMax does not rent cars. The company’s website doesn’t include any information about car rentals, so we called a CarMax location in Davie, Fla., and a company representative explained that CarMax only buys and sells vehicles; it does not rent them. This holds true for CarMax’s near 200 locations nationwide.

Beware: There are two car rental companies that use the CarMax name abroad; one is in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and the other is in Paramaribo, Suriname. These companies do not appear to be connected to the U.S. car retailer.

What Does CarMax Do?

Originally a branch of the electronics retailer Circuit City, CarMax’s mission is to take the hassle and stress out of the used-car-buying and used-car-selling process. The company has a no haggling policy and it will purchase a vehicle in almost any condition. Based on customer reviews, CarMax will typically offer to buy your used car for a little less than Kelley Blue Book value and will sell you a used vehicle for slightly more.

On the CarMax website, you can search for a vehicle any distance from your provided ZIP code and you can schedule an appraisal of the car you’re looking to sell.


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