CarMax MaxCare Refund & Cancellation Policy Explained

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Short Answer

You can get a refund on your CarMax MaxCare Service Plan. If you apply for a refund within 30 days of purchasing your car, you’ll receive 100% of your funds back.

CarMax MaxCare Refund Policy

CarMax will issue a full refund on a MaxCare Service Plan — an optional extended service plan — if you cancel it within 30 of purchasing your vehicle.

As long as you have not yet made a claim, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your vehicle purchase.

After 30 days, you can receive a refund for a fee. After 90 days, you are still eligible to receive a prorated refund based on the length of time you’ve had the vehicle or the miles driven; your refund will be determined by whichever is greater.[1][2]

If you paid outright for the plan, your refund will be mailed to you in the form of a check. If you financed your vehicle through CarMax, the reimbursed amount will be applied to the outstanding balance of your loan.[1]

A CarMax MaxCare Service Plan provides coverage beyond the company’s 90-day limited warranty. MaxCare provides full-vehicle coverage except for named exclusions, as well as a full week of car rentals (up to $40 per day) if your vehicle is in the shop. Roadside assistance is also included.

You can pay your premium upfront or fold it into your vehicle’s financing. The cost of MaxCare depends on the particular vehicle purchased, the number of miles driven, your deductible, and your length of coverage.

We asked a CarMax representative to provide us with a ballpark estimate for a MaxCare policy, but he declined, saying there were too many variables to provide an accurate estimate. For pricing details, visit a CarMax near you.

For more about CarMax, see our research on its bad credit approval policy.

If you’re interested in other roadside assistance options, we also compare MCA and AAA.

  1. CarMax customer service via Facebook Messenger chat[][]

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