CDL Truck Rental: 10 Best Options Listed (Class A & B)

A row of semi trucks available for CDL testing.

Finding a CDL truck rental can sometimes be difficult, especially if you need the truck for your CDL test. Large rental companies like Penske, Ryder, and Enterprise only rent to business owners or those who already have a CDL.

In some cases, it can be also hard to find a truck rental locally. When this happens, you can look to neighboring states or post ads online in places like Craigslist or truck forums, requesting to rent from a private truck owner-operator. Other CDL truck operators may be willing to let you use their truck for your test, especially if you can offer reimbursement.

We have more details of CDL truck rental options below.

CDL Truck Rental Options

We were not able to find any companies that offer CDL rentals nationwide to those who are looking to rent a truck for CDL testing. Large companies that have a presence in many states, such as Ryder, Penske, or Enterprise, require renters to have a CDL already in order to rent a truck.

There are many smaller, local companies that rent out trucks specifically for testing purposes. Often, these businesses also offer training, so they could potentially be a one-stop shop for those who are interested in getting a CDL.

At most local rental companies, truck rental is only available for taking the CDL test as opposed to at an hourly or daily rate. However, many companies do include practice time in the test rental price. Some companies bundle training or additional practice time with the price of the rental, whereas others offer it on the side for a fee.

Below is a list of some of the local companies we found, by region, that do rent trucks for CDL tests. This list was compiled with information from each company’s website and/or calls to the company’s customer service department.

Midwest CDL Truck Rentals

North Dakota


Northeast CDL Truck Rentals

New York


South CDL Truck Rentals

North Carolina



West CDL Truck Rentals



What if My State Doesn’t Have CDL Truck Rentals?

Our research revealed that in some states, it can be tough to find local CDL truck rentals.

If your state does not appear in the list of CDL truck rentals above, there are a few things you can try to find a nearby truck rental:

  • Often, even states that don’t have truck rental companies do have CDL training schools. Many of these training schools will provide vehicles to their students for testing. Paying for a course is more expensive than just renting a truck, but will also make you better prepared for the test.
  • Check nearby states for rental companies. If you are close enough, it may be possible to rent a truck but still take the test in your state.
  • Post an ad online on sites like Craigslist or trucking forums. Let people know what type of truck you need to rent and how much you are willing to pay. Some people in the trucking community are willing to let others use their trucks for testing.


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